That moment a Rocket League star hires a rookie coach

Pretending to be a Rocket League newbie and then taking on a much less experienced coach 1v1 makes for an entertaining video. And a plot twist.

2y ago

Rocket League has become one of the internet's most popular games from a YouTube perspective, and one of its heavyweights, SunlessKhan, recently decided to make a video with a twist.

Avoiding the usual gameplay stuff, SunlessKhan decided that he would look for a Rocket League coach on Fiverr (yes, they exist) and then see what happened, with a view to challenging him 1v1.

The first twist is that the YouTuber has more than 160,000 followers and is ranked very highly within the game. The chance of finding someone much better would, therefore, be slim (but possible).

Pretending to be a total newbie, the advice given by his hired coach ─ known as Dubstepmagiic (hopefully he wasn't christened that) ─ turns out to be useful despite his rookie status. In fact, what could have been a video about making someone look like an idiot does anything but.

It's an enjoyable Internet gaming video that finishes with a Fight Club / A Beautiful Mind / The Usual Suspects plot twist at the end (okay, it's not that dramatic), which is partly why the video has now smashed past 1.5-million views.

Some of you will point out the flaw that is becoming a coach when you are, in fact, relatively inexperienced. But then how many average football players became great coaches, eh?

Rocket League, if you are unaware, has you playing football in buggies. It was developed by Psyonix and is available on all the latest generation consoles and PC, having launched in July, 2015.

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