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    That New Bugatti Hypercar Just Leaked

    BREAKING NOW: From what little we're seeing, it looks like a leaner beast

    4w ago


    After three days of vague teasing, Bugatti may have let slip a fuller view of whatever car they've concocted for the few who get to buy cars like this.


    Above you'll find suspiciously clear photos of the new hypercar from Bugatti (from actu.auto.fr on Instagram), showing a smaller, flatter, more aggressive front end, massive cutouts on the frunk and a hood scoop. Motor1, who has also reported on this leak with HD photos of their own, think it is still powered by the same W16 engine as the Chiron, but the packaging is more tightly-set up than anything we've seen Bugatti design, concept car or otherwise.


    The video above may point to the source of this leak: G-E SUPERCARS and Nicolas Le Marseillais, whose camera is heard burst-shooting this car going round Circuit Paul Ricard for testing. You can clearly see the X-shaped taillamps seen from the teaser three days ago, as well as more design elements like the dorsal wing/pylon combo and immense wheel cutouts for air pressure.

    Some commenters (especially on Reddit's r/WEC community where I first saw these) initially surmised it to be an entrant to the WEC Hypercar class of Le Mans prototypes, but judging from the sound captured on the video above, it may still be on the W16, a questionable decision in a class that takes pride on efficiency. But the packaging does lead to one supposing it may be powered by a smaller motor -- or Bugatti has somehow found a way to fit that 8-litre engine in such a Coke-bottle package.

    For those who are more patient, wait until 28 October, by which point Bugatti will have taken the camouflage off.

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    Comments (8)

    • That dorsal fin does look like it would be for the Hypercar class. It would be incredible if they entered. Bugatti was always a strong LeMans contender way way way back when.

        1 month ago
    • That looks like a car from gta online that people will call a “LaMBo” but weirdly I like it

        1 month ago
    • Hypercars here we go. I have a suspicion Le Mans is going to be way better than F1 soon.

        1 month ago
    • This looks awesome

        1 month ago
    • Well Bugatti did say they weren't going to chase top speeds anymore so why not have a go at handling.

        1 month ago


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