That one time I wore a £50,000 watch for about 45 seconds

I was in the top 1 % for around 45 seconds and then went back to the bottom 5% or something

I routinely check old HDDs and SD cards, looking for useful pictures and videos and today I found a hastily taken photograph of a TAG-Heuer Monaco V4 on my wrist, taken at the 2017 Top Marques Watches with my iPhone 5S. Ah the good ol' days.

The TM Watches folder contained a few gems I’m gonna be sharing in the next few days (I’ll also explain what the Top Marques Watches is/was) and in the meantime, let’s talk about the Monaco for a second.

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I can't find the original video and I had to use the one I saved from my Instagram, hence the weird geotag and stickers

The original Monaco V4, a super-conspicuous, skeletonized version of the Monaco, was unveiled in 2004 and this was the 2017 upgrade, available in titanium or platinum, with a price tag north of £50,000. Every iteration of the V4 is produced in limited numbers and I seem to recall to TAG pr guy explaining they were only going to build 60 pieces for the watch I got to wear. Various V4 models can be found for around £25-30,000 on Chrono 24.

I was able to wear it for, I don’t know, about 45 seconds and needless to say, I probably won't be able to wear this watch again but that's only the bad news. The good news is there are far better - and much, much cheaper- versions of the Monaco available and who knows. One day. Maybe.

What’s your grail watch?

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Comments (30)

  • My Breitling Navitimer 01

    My wife paid £6300 for it for my 40th birthday

    It’s my favourite by far and a watch I’ve wanted since I first saw it at 18 years old

      1 year ago
  • what's the most expensive watch you've ever owned/worn? @tribe

      1 year ago
  • My orient star. $350 when I got it, now about $700 and very hard to find.

      1 month ago
  • Stunning. Love it.

    This is just slightly outside the budget of a disabled man.

      1 year ago
  • A Tag Link ... can’t remember exactly how much ... around $2000 I think. Still have it.

      1 year ago