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As a guy who continues to dig commercials every day, I often stumble upon many interesting videos and campaigns - like this advertisement for the E86 Z4, titled 'BMW meets truth'. Starring Rain (Jung Jihoon), Lim Sso Young, and Park Jin Young, I was immediately hooked by the intense racing of the E60 and the E86, discussion of 'disgusting truth' and 'beautiful lie', and its mysterious and action-packed story. Oh, and the song 'Still believe' sang by Rain that was full of a mid-2000s vibe.

The website '' is no longer available, and using Wayback Machine made me get stuck in a webpage made out of Macromedia (Adobe) Flash that won't load in any way. So I decided to search for the whole movie and the music on Youtube instead.

The movie starts with a cross-edit of Jihoon threatening a 'pianist' with a gun and Jihoon driving a blue E86 Z4, then moves onto Jihoon's past. After peaceful and intimate moments among Jihoon and his childhood friends pass by, Jihoon is found in a bar when a man sits next to him and offers him a game of 'disgusting truth' and 'beautiful lie'. Jihoon decides to participate in the game by drinking the beverage given by the man, only to lose consciousness and end up in an E86 Z4. He gets a call and finds out that one of his friends, Brian, has cheated on his girlfriend. Then Jihoon's kidnapper plays a footage of Jihoon's girlfriend getting kidnapped, and gives him a pistol. Jihoon has to 'punish' the ones that are involved in this game and save his girlfriend.

At first, the plot draws interest and the scenes create a beautiful atmosphere of mystery and thriller. With the sudden mentions of a gun, kidnapping, and cheating, the tension quickly rises and the film's end becomes much harder to predict without causing chaos in viewers' heads. The impromptu race between the E60 5 series and the E86 Z4 is also entertaining to watch, although the scenes are quite unrealistic and the poor editing makes the two cars move randomly and abruptly.

Is the iDrive ordering the driver to crash into a wall?

Is the iDrive ordering the driver to crash into a wall?

Unfortunately, all the fun and the excitement end there (at least for me). After a 10-minute mark, the plot loses its main idea, probabilities, and a sense of reality - Jihoon, without any explanation, successes at tracking down the goons that kidnapped his girlfriend and go to the place where the man, the 'pianist', and his girlfriend are located.

From that point, the film suddenly becomes eerie and sheerly unpleasant. The goons have no significance and are taken out needlessly gorily. Instead of showing Jihoon doing an intense and rough hand-to-hand fight with the goons (which is still weird, considering that Jihoon was given a pistol and it seems that he reloads the gun just before the fight begins...), the film decides to show the man doing a long exposition in front of Jihoon's girlfriend crying for help for minutes. When Jihoon finally appears in front of the two, he immediately and rashly knocks the man down, who was just greeting him. After the rescue, Jihoon confronts the 'pianist', only to say "I don't know about the truth, I'm just going to live by my way."

The entire film felt very blank and pretentious. What was the point of discussing the truth and the lie when 'it doesn't matter'? What was the point of doing long expositions when the protagonist is just going to beat down anyone that is blocking his way? There's barely any action in the film, and the BMWs don't do much throughout the film other than the short parking lot race scene. As I have watched many other car advertisement films that have much better quality than this, 'Truth' was simply a disappointment.

Well, at least there's this K-POP, Still Believe, to make up for my disappointment. 'The mix of Crunk 'n' B style, grand string sounds, and the addicting main theme of the sound with Rain's charming voice' is, while sounds like many other mid-2000s K-POP songs, actually quite fun to listen to and keeps me to listen to the end of the song. Maybe it's because the song has every Korean thing of the mid-2000s? Rain continuing to his naked chest from time to time? The awkward lines like 'Sheer driving pleasure' coming out all of a sudden? In any way, it's interesting to know that there's an anthem for an E86 Z4... in a form of K-POP!

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