- Batmobile replica on Paseo de la Reforma, an avenue in Mexico's City

That time Mexico set a Guiness new record for biggest Classic car parade

Mexico set a Guiness world record by having an almost 1700 car parade on across 3 miles on Mexico's City

On 2014 a classic car parade took place on Mexico's City with over 1700 cars participating from classic Vw's to mustangs, porsche's, and even Ferraris, the event was supported by History Channel Latin America, and gathered many enthusiasts across the country.

The previous record was held by the previous mark of 948 set by den Hartogh Ford Museum in Hillegom, the Netherlands, on 2002. This atempt which saw an attendance of almost a quarter million people flooding the streets to watch the event set a new record, still unbroken with 1674 cars.

The variety was staggering, from muscle cars, european sport cars, japanese classics, and even replicas from movies and TV, being one of the final cars and actual 1966 Batmobile replica.

What this parade did to car culture, was truly remarkable, and although times now on 2020 will improve, it is hard to see in the future another event of such magnitude, at least not without more safety measures.

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