- The 208 in a very autumny mountain road.

As a petrolhead I've always liked fun cars, specially loud ones. Unfortunately, Peugeot is not famous for being a company that produce a vast range of vehicles that can be included in the list of the cars that I've always liked. Of course there are some examples of amazing performance-inclined cars, made by Peugeot, that every well-informed petrolhead know about; but considering that in the past I did not know anything important about cars (and probably still don't), it means that Peugeot had always been a very boring company, for the "in the past" me.

Now that I am less a stupid kid, I don't like only loud and fast cars. I've developed a like of things that can be considered being more complete, better or more refined. Some can say more boring? Who knows.

Back to the material world: my like of Peugeot appeared when I first drove my friend's new car, a brand new 208. The Diesel one, 75HP (I believe).

I don't want to bore everyone on this one, so I'll be rapid: it's just a very good vehicle, but there is a "but". Even being a model without many extra optional (in fact it was probably the cheapest one), compared to my Panda it is (obviously) like driving a Rolls-Royce; and I have that feeling every time I get the opportunity to get back in the 208. There are many explanation to that and they are the usual one regarding comfort: better suspension, different chassis, different engine, different wheels... But really, compared to my Fiat Panda, cruising in that 208, is effortless.

Okay, great. The "but" I was teasing before is (guess what): it's not any fun when trying to drive more spirited than a granny. Despite the fact that I do understand it's not made to be a fun car in a sporty situation, when I do the same thing on the Panda I always lough like an idiot for the amount of fun I'm having, and they are both in the similar (if not same) car category & price range, so why that does not happen also in the 208?

Probably what makes the more noticeble difference is the engine:

-my Fiat Panda has a petrol engine of about 70hp and before 2700rpm, the horses are out and about, eating grass;

-the 208 that I've tried has a diesel engine of about 75hp (so they produce more or less the same hp), but you get the opposite feeling. The horses are almost immediately ready to go, but then, after 2700rmp, they escape to sniff another horse back, and you are left with anything.

Yes, I know that that's the standard difference in how the power is delivered in Diesel and Petrol engines, but with these two it's a very big difference, in my opinion.

Ok, seriously now: that is just what, in my opionion, is the only drawback of that car; but in reality, that is not really a drawback considering what it is made for. Probably all of that is related to a almost "engineering" limit: to make a car of that type so good in one way you just cannot make it also good in the other way, unfortunately. And there are many examples of this in the car world.

And, honestly, how good do the new Peugeot models look? The 208 is a good looking car, in my opinion, even more with the new backlights, despite having been around for quite a lot in the current shape. It has aged very very well, really.

P.S. I'm probably going to post more articles on car stuff, so if you want to read more waffle like this, follow me.

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