That was a tad close...

3y ago
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This video was used WITH PERMISSION of the owner, who'd like to remain anonymous and was sent to me to use natively, without a link to their YouTube channel. They said: " So the road I was riding on was dry and I know it like the back of my hand. However it had recently been flooded which had brought mud up on to the road. I over took the car and naturally looked through the turn and didn't notice the mud in the centre of the road. I turned in a lost traction on both wheels, then got thrown around as they re griped. By this point I was fast approaching the other side of the road and just managed to keep it out of the hedge. And pull it back to my side of the road.

I admit, the whole situation would have been avoided with less speed as I would have had more time to spot the mud. Yes I was braking the speed limit and hit the mud at approximately 85 mph.

I was incredibly lucky to stay on the bike and even more lucky there wasn't any traffic coming the other direction, currently on my way to buy a lottery ticket"

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  • Lucky there wasn't oncoming traffic but dude has serious skills.

      3 years ago
  • Sod that!

      3 years ago