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Nicolai Alsterberg likes to do the dishes. Widely.

4y ago

All about that bass!

Now. You may say what you want. But every time we see a car with a rear-end like this, the wife at home gets forgotten for a couple seconds. A standard Nissan 200 SX S13 has always looked like it needed to be taken to the gym, or perhaps Kardashians lower-body enhancers, to give it a proper look from behind. It has always been kinda like aaaaalmost. Well Nicolay got it all the way there. The customized wheelarches from Rocket Bunny has been altered with sugical presicion, and its working in perfect harmony with added diffuser and rearlights from Kouki.

Camber it like it's drunk

Camber it like it's drunk

That’s profoundly deep, dude….

This isn’t the kind of car that you gather a pile of carparts, smear them with NASA-grade glue, and throw it with the best of your ability at the car, and hope they will stick to the general area where you wanted them. No-no-no. Entire societies where late for work for months due to Nicolays loud grinding, cutting and welding keeping them up all night. There are no shortcuts here. There is no chance for the rear tire to touch any bodywork. The wheelwell has been reconstructed to house the 14 inch wide rims!

Deep does not allways mean intelligent

Deep does not allways mean intelligent


Well. We don’t have it. We can’t drive behind caravans. We hate waiting in line. Sometimes we have so little of it, that when taking a whizz, we’re zipped, washed and out of the bathroom while the reproduction organ is tucked and still going. Nicolay however, does have it. Patience in buckets. Just as an example; He «cleaned», meaning sanding, welding and spacle 146 tiny holes in the enginecompartment just to make it look cleaner. The upside is that it did look better, and he can now join the KGB, CIA or whatever organization – he has no more skin on his fingertips, so no fingerprints to leave. Engine is moderately jazzed. Bigger turbo, injectors and a couple of tweaks makes it push out a bit over 300 hp measured at the wheels.

For now....

For now....

Homemade is always good

Behind Nicolay you will find brakes from Nissan 300 ZX Twin Turbo. The car sits on custom coilovers made more or less by Nicolay him self, and every arm in the suspension has gotten some form of treatment. 1,5 KAAZ diff with homemade axles and a mean sinter clutch is what the power needs to go through.

Ass-deep in dishes

Ass-deep in dishes

Brown is the new black

When you’re at a party and you tell a girl you got a brown car, it’s not a given that she will be impressed. However if she saw what kind of brown you meant… This is definately not the brown you find in a cats litterbox. Its much more the likes of sweet bakery. Toyota Sunset Bronze, if you are tempted by it yourself.

This will pull.

This will pull.

HELLO....helllo....helloo... Echo.

HELLO....helllo....helloo... Echo.

Nicolai Alsterberg

Age: 25
From: Norway
Status: Mostly in the garage….

Time this took:
Seven years.

Most pleased with:
The back. And the car as a whole.

This your only ride?
No. Got a Scirocco on bags as a daily.

Nissan 200SX S13

Motor: Ca18det.

Power: About 300 Wheel Hp.

Motorspec: Cleaned enginecompartment ¤ Wiretuck ¤ Forged pistons and con rods ¤ Upgraded bearings and bolts ¤ Upgraded headgasket ¤ New cams ¤ Bigger injectors ¤ Bigger fuelpump ¤ New Fuelfilter ¤ New fpr ¤ Every hose upgraded ¤ Oilcooler with filter re-location ¤ Chasebays tucked radiator ¤ 2x electric fans ¤ custom 3" exhaust ¤ Custom 2,5" ic-plumbing ¤ Fmic ¤ Headers ¤ Garrett gt28rs turbo.
Work Meister S1 3p 18x10 et-33 front ¤ 18x14 et-33 rear.

Michelin Pilot Super Sport 225/30-18 front, Michelin Pilot Sport 2 315/30-18 rear.

Nissan 300zx tt 300mm rear, 330mm 350z front.

Custom homebuilt coilovers, every arm and joint in suspension custom and/or homebuilt, and all new bushings.

Kaaz 1,5 LSD ¤ Custom axles ¤ Sinterclutch.

Not really starte dyet. Will though.

Custom sliced, cut and put back together a Rocket Bunny widebody kit ¤ Silvia Coupé sideskirts/rockers ¤ Custom CF frontlip ¤ Rocket Bunny diffuser ¤ Kuoki rear lamps.

Big Thanks to:
The rest of the TbgStance-crew.

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