- The new Volvo XC40

That's the way to go.

The XC40 is simply Volvo at the very top of their game.

3y ago

Volvo has never been so in form as when Roger Moore was driving their cars in the 60's. The brand has been hitting it's straps since the Geely acquisition meant they finally had pockets deep enough to compete at the very top. And, their vehicles are now competitive at all levels (not just safety) with the best and leading the way in some instances.

The release of their compact SUV, the XC40, is a culmination of all they have learnt from their recent products and reflects their first proper offering in this sector. With cars getting bigger and more and more expensive, down-streaming has to be the consideration for all manufacturers. Bring the big car tech, quality and premium to the people.

I say, yes - let's buy Volvos. We should be supporting any manufacturer (whether certified best or not) that is making the right decision for the industry as a whole and not just milking it. No, no one has driven it yet and it is likely to have a monster of a blind spot (hoping blind spot monitoring is standard) but how could you not like to buy your next car with the click of a single button...?

Volvo is going to offer that.

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