The 02turbodesign K2 - Final Form

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As hinted in part one of this three piece series, here is the fully rendered 02turbodesign K2 rim. Following the process of creating the part in 3D using Blender, I exported the K2 as .FBX and imported it into Keyshot render engine which is responsible for this amazing result. The model features a couple of textures based on Keyshot's defaults, but modified to fit my liking.

Starting of with the bolts holding various things in place, I went for a high-end gold plated hardware for that touch of exclusivity. And if we're honest, gold goes well with everything. As far as color combos go, I experimented a bit with classy grays, old-school chrome plated/polished finishes and contrasts as I love them.

If you took a closer look at the centre cap in the previous part, you've probably noticed a distinctly raised 02turbo logo gracefully filling the indent in the middle. The notably high logo is there for both trademark and aesthetic reasons; it's contrasting against the black plastic/aluminum cap.

The turbofan heart of the 02turbodesign K2 has a trick up it's sleeve; a customizable concave area fitting of custom graphics or accents. In my case, I experimented with contrasts and matte accents which I think turned out rather well.

The area inside the 17"+ rim is also a place suitable for custom paint schemes, with the hub made out of anodized titanium with custom engravings. Even though the massive TAROX caliper is not really visible through the vents, it also features gold plated hardware matched to the dark green hued paint swatch.

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