The 02turbodesign K2-modeled

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Following the initial sketch released in part one, which was used just as a mock-up for the model, I created a detailed model in life like dimensions using Blender 3D software.

As mentioned in the spec sheet of the previous post, the 02turbodesignK2 would be made out of billet aluminum. The reason behind it is mainly strength and weight savings. I opted for a 3-piece design because I don't like limitations. This conception of the K2 allows for using various barrel widths as well as different barrel diameters.

Unlike usual fitting, where the heart is sandwiched between the outer and inner barrel, my design places the retro modern heart on the outside. There's no special reason behind it, except good looks and slightly reduced turbulence caused by air flow over the barrel lip. For fastening the turbine style heart to the barrels, my intention is to use 24 billet bolts, measuring 8x35 mm, machined to my design.

While I was developing the 02turbodesign K2, I carefully considered brake choices, which resulted in the wheel being at 17" in diameter. I chose that size and the 5x120 bolt pattern since it still has the largest application possibility.

Since this, like my other designs and ideas, is motorsport and performance oriented, the brakes fitted behind the 02turbodesign K2 are slotted 340 mm two-piece discs with custom machined hubs, all designed by me. Following the motto "be different, stay unique", the caliper is a billet TAROX 6 or 8 piston unit, handmade in Italy.

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