The 02turbodesign K2-sketched

3w ago


Part One- Initial sketch of the 02turbodesign K2 rim. This will later be modeled in 3D using Blender and rendered for the final product.

The idea behind the 02turbodesign K2 is to create a retro modern turbine style 3-piece rime that could fit over 340 mm or larger disc. The retro modern flavor of the design has been chosen since I find it fitting for use on both older and newer cars.

Later on, this initial sketch will be recreated in more(much more) detail using Blender 3D software and afterwards tastefully rendered to create a wheel that many would desire.

Here's a short spec sheet:

Material-billet aluminum


Lug pattern-5x120

Centre bore-72.5 mm

Bolt count-24

Bolt size-8x35 mm

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