The $1 million Nissan GT-R50 arrives in Dubai

3w ago


We all know about the GT-R50 but has anyone seen one yet? I definitely haven’t. With only 50 being made, this is one of Nissan’s most exclusive cars and it will cost you a pretty penny or two.

The GT-R50 made its Middle East debut in Dubai the other day after its initial release at the 2018 Goodwood Festival of Speed. This is a good move on Nissan’s part as the market for the GT-R is strong here and they certainly aren’t short of a penny.

Due to such a limited number, Nissan will make sure they keep a record of all the colours produced to ensure no 2 cars are alike. As well as this, they won’t be numbered but instead each car will be dedicated a year of the GT-R’s history which will be chosen by the customer. A nice touch by Nissan.

The GT-R50 has around 120 bhp more on top of the standard 3.8L twin turbo V6 giving it a total of 720 bhp which is twice the amount the first-generation GT-R had.

Each car will take 8 weeks to produce and set you back around $1 million. Early customers are to expect delivery in March/April time next year.