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The 10 best rental cars you can have!

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Rental car companies offer you all sorts of weird and wonderful cars, you often get vehicles that you didn't even ask for because of their 'or similar' option or their free upgrades. Trust me, I work at a rental car place! Using my knowledge of cars and the business, here are the best rental cars in each category.

New Zealand is on a travel bucket list for most people and a big part of travel in the country is on the roads so a good car can make or break a road trip, choose wisely folks.

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Compact hatch- Toyota Yaris

The fierce Toyota Yaris

This is the cheapest rental available to you and you have either a choice of the Yaris or the Holden Barina or Spark which are just rebadged GM cars so the Yaris it is! In the even of the 'or similar' rule, you are more likely to get the Yaris as well since the companies have more of them.

Intermediate hatch- Ford Focus Trend EcoSport/S

A good all rounder.

The Focus is a great car to drive, put your foot down and it will return a smile to your face however the chances of you getting one are on the slimmer side since the Toyota Corolla dominates this segment.

Compact sedan- Toyota Corolla sedan

Ah, the car that needs no introduction!

Honestly, everything else in this segment is GM trash (Cruze and Astra) so the Corolla is the sensible option and you are most likely to get one as well due to the large stock!

Compact crossover- Holden Trax

Credit- https://www.holden.com.au/media/image/cars/trax/holden-trax-holden-trax-in-sun-of-a-gun-grey-colour.default-1237020301195.jpg.pagespeed.ce.KlrfOd-YQh.jpg

Your other options here are the Ford EcoSport which is just bad and the Suzuki Vitara which feels very poorly put together. For a GM car, the Trax isn't half bad actually. You could also have the Mitsubishi ASX but the less said about it, the better.....

Mid- size sedan- Ford Mondeo Ecoboost

The other options here are the Mazda 6, Toyota Aurion, Toyota Camry and the new Holden Commodore but all round, the Mondeo is the best though you are much more likely to get the Camry if you do choose this class.

Large sedan- Kia Stinger GT

The new kid on the block

With the old Commodore SV6 slowly being phased out, the Kia Stinger GT is the next best car and not a bad option at all. Really this is the fun category as both the options are great fun to drive!

Compact SUV- Toyota RAV4

You have a choice of the RAV4, Ford Escape or the Mistubishi Eclipse Cross and the Toyota reigns supreme here as it is the most fun to drive! The RAV4 sure has come a long way since from the 90s crossover that we once knew.

Intermediate SUV- Nissan X- Trail

The X trail may not be all that fun to drive but it is roomy and practical which is really everything you'd want from a car in this category! A good all rounder. The other options in this category include the Holden Captiva and the Kia Sportage.

Large SUV- Toyota Highlander

The Highlander feels well put together and the large V6 means it has plenty of power on tap whenever you need it though fuel efficiency is on the poorer side. It is surprisingly fun to drive as well! You could also have the Nissan Pathfinder in this category.

Van- Hyundai Imax

Credit- https://www.hyundai.com.au/images/UserUploadedImages/11113/iMax-Active-MY18-Front34-Creamy-White_1000x667.png

The Imax is incredibly roomy, it has loads of space for 8 people and their luggage! It's Diesel engine produces enough power to lug the thing up steep hills as well. It feels incredibly car-like to drive which really is an advantage for a car this size.

Bonus options-

Premium- Ford Mustang V8

It's not a Mustang if it doesn't have a V8!

This category includes the BMW X5, Audi Q7, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Mercedes C-class and GLC but ultimately, I had to go with the Mustang since it is a proper sportscar. I have grouped all these cars together because they are the ones that will burn the biggest holes in your wallet.

Eco- Toyota Camry Hybrid

The new Camry Hyrbid is quite good dare I say, though it faces stiff competition from the Corolla Hybrid and the E-Golf. The Camry feels the least like a Hybrid car and that is probably it's biggest strength in this case.


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