The 10 Fastest Monster at Trento-Bondone Hill Climb, the "European Pikes Peak"

The gargantuan 17.3 Km Hillclimb in Italy had a bit of everything this year. Not even the Monsters escaped unscathed...

The longest active HillClimb in Europe and comparable to Pikes Peak in dimension , Trento-Bondone in the North of Italy is a 17.3Km incredible piece of road that offers one of the ultimate challenges in all of Hillclimb Racing. This year was no different and the weather played a tremendous role, with the single competitive run held on Sunday being interrupted by heavy rain, making the final placings very unusual, with all the "Monsters" running after the rain started pouring and unable to reach the the Top places in the final Time Table against those who ran on Dry conditions.

This way we decided to make this Top 10 with only the machines that ran under the same weather conditions (Rain) to make things fair, all while presenting the most interesting Monsters present on the event and able to finish it. From GT3 units, to S2000 and Modificed Turbo Monsters, Michl´s Double Hayabusa V8 Elise and the very first WRC Plus unit to compete on European Hillclimb Racing. To see a broader overview of the evnt, including some spectacular incidents the erratic weather conditions caused, check the Highlights clip of our collaborator SpeedHack Videos:

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