The 10 Fastest Monsters at Gorjanci HillClimb

Including the debut of the Matej Grudnik´s very special Renault Clio E1 Turbo

Counting for the FIA European HillClimb Cup, this Slovenian HillClimb always features some very special machinery, with 2019 being no different. Along with some familiar Monsters that already fight regularly for the Top spots in each event they enter, this year we got to see the debut of a very special machine:

So among Touring Cars, GT3-spec Monsters, the 600+Hp AWD SEAT and Skoda we got also to watch Matej Grudnik´s Renault Clio E1 Turbo, a very special project now debuting after almost 3 years of development. Still very much in testing, it is a bespoke widebodied Renault Clio powered by the 2.0L Turbo engine from the Mégane RS. Here still in Front Wheel Drive form and with around 400Hp, it is a Monster we´ll see evolving in the coming months, where over 500Hp, AWD transmission and much less weight are the goals. Definitely one to keep watching...

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