The 10 Fastest Monsters at Montée des Lègendes - Loeb & Company

This one-off French HillClimb event had one of the most incredible entrylists ever

Here we remember the 10 Fastest Monsters on Montée des Légendes - Col de Faucille, held on 2018 and one of the most interesting Hillclimb events ever, held on the Eastern Region of France and outside any FIA sanctioned Hillclimb Championship, allwoing for some very unique entries. It was possible to see here, Group B Monsters, WRC machines, Hillclimb Prototypes, Endurance Race Cars and even Dakar and Trophée Andros machines.

But the greatest draw was probably the presence of 9-time World Rally Champion Sebastien Loeb with some of his own Racing machines, including the almigthy 208 T16 Pikes Peak, former Pikes Peak Hill Climb record holder. And not one to take any kind of racing lightly, we were able to see the duo on Attack mode once again...

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