The 10 Most Beautiful Cars Ever Made

The 10 most exquisitely designed cars.

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This article is simply a listing of my opinions, you may have some different opinions and that is of course perfectly fine. I have determined what cars make this list by spending time narrowing cars down that I find nice to look at every time I see them. I haven't taken performance or popularity into account and I hope you enjoy reading this article. Cheers.

#10. Jaguar F-type (facelift)

Most modern cars to me are bland and boring, but every once in a while something that is remarkably well styled comes along. The F-type is definitely one of those cars, the pre facelift car was absolutely beautiful but when Jaguar released the facelift I was absolutely shocked by its styling. It almost looks angry at the front and when you move to the back its calm and relaxing, the interior is simple but pleasant. One of the few truly beautiful modern cars and a car that I think deserves a spot on this list.

#9. Aston Martin DBS

Aston Martin has made more than one car with the name DBS but I think that the original is the best in terms of styling. When this car was released Aston was famous for making of course the DB5 and that had a very different design profile. This is a bit of an unpopular opinion but I think the DB5 is a little overdramatic, this car is a bit more calm and sensible to look at. Also I think it has some of the best headlights and taillights ever fitted to a car. Not only is it one of the most beautiful Astons ever designed I think it deserves its place on this list.

#8. Jaguar XJ220

I've never thought that there are a lot of truly beautiful mid-engine cars, I've always preferred front engine styling but the XJ220 is different. It was released in the 90s and it wasn't necessarily a very groundbreaking car, the Bugatti Eb110 that came out a little while later was in fact faster but this is so much better looking. The Ferrari 458 is a very pretty car and its one of the few mid-engine cars that I love the styling but this has it beat because its so vivid to look at. But it also leaves you in awe when you look at its beautiful and very striking design.

#7. Alfa Romeo Montreal

In my opinion of all the Italian car brands I think that Alfa Romeo had made the best looking cars of them all, they have cars like the 8c and spider that were really well styled but nestled at the top is the Montreal. It was a just a simple 2+2 coupe with a V8 but it had such well designed looks that it is one of the best looking of the famous Italian cars of that era. Its hood had that triangular scoop and the side profile was dominated by the gills that sat and filled a usually empty space to create a car that looks so good because it leaves no room for boring style. Every bit of this car is in some way interesting, from the front to the side, to the wheels, to the interior, to the back. Its sensational and of course it has the famous Alfa badge sitting right in the front.

#6. Alpine A110

Just like the XJ220 from earlier this car is also mid-engine but unlike the Jaguar it wasn't made to be this big, powerful, show stopping supercar. It was made to look very good and be very good at rallying and simply put this car is very successful in both of those goals. It had a very successful rallying career and its one of the best looking rallying cars every made. It was designed to be a small and lightweight coupe with a simple no nonsense turbocharged engine. The thing I like the most is the front, the headlights and the hoods design are stunning. This car is brilliant.

#5. Aston Martin DB9

For the longest time I believed that the Aston Martin DB11 was the best looking and the best grand tourer that Aston has ever made but now I've changed my mind. I did almost put the DB11 on this list but I do not like a lot of Astons interior design decisions. Astons older cars interiors weren't the best but I think they are better looking than Astons modern interiors. In terms of design this car has aged like the finest of wines, it was built from 2004 to 2016 so its not exactly old. It still looks like Aston could unveil this at the next auto show. it hits all the great grand tourer spots from its great looks to its available power, other than little bits of the interior that I don't love this cars styling is perfection in my opinion.

#4. Citroën SM

This is a Citroën which means its French and the French carmakers are famous for making strange and sometimes simply ugly cars. But this one is very different. The first time I heard of this car was on the latest Grand Tour special and immediately after Clarkson and Hammond talked about it the cars styling touched my heart. Unlike the Alpine A110 (a fellow French car) which was designed as a lightweight rally based car this was designed to be a powerful and beautiful coupe with a Maserati V6. It has a sort of abnormal design because of its angularity but it complements the eyes every time you look at it. By far I think its not only one of the best looking cars ever but the best looking car that a French car maker has ever made.

#3. Jaguar 420g

The 420g or better know as the mark ten is one of the best looking jaguars ever and probably the best looking luxury sedan ever made. It is overshadowed by other Jag legends like the mark 2 and of course the E-type but this car definitely deserves time in the spotlight for its amazing styling. When you focus on the front of the car you see a calm yet angry look that cascades down into a sort of joyous 4 door sedan.

#2. BMW 3.0 CSI

This car is basically the simpler version of the very famous 3.0 csl. Its also known as the e9 or 3.0 csi and is the first chapter in a long history of simply beautiful BMW coupes and sedans. I prefer this over the 3.0 csl (bat mobile) because its more of a simple design and was made to be a luxury coupe instead of a homologation special that is also a racing car. In terms of styling its very different to similar cars like the Citroën SM and the Jaguar 420g because its less dramatic to look at and that's exactly why I like it. It catches your eye for only a second and then you leave it behind, but after a little while you go back to it in your head and you cant get it out, its engrained in your brain because of its beauty.

#1. Jaguar E-type Series 1

I know that just about every car enthusiast in the world has talked about the extremely famous E-type but I still think that this is the most beautiful car every created. I think its actually one of the most beautiful things ever made. In 1961 when this car was released the car world was shocked by its looks and its performance coming from its 3.8 L straight 6, not only was it cheaper and faster than its rivals from Maserati and Ferrari but it was also better looking than the competition. In terms of the looks its simply sensational to look at, from every angle it draws your eyes and your brain in a stimulating way to create joy. In my opinion the E-type is unbeatable in the modern world because of how much cars have changed in styling. The E-type has not only aged well but it is still the most beautifully designed car.

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  • Thank you for the E Type but the 427 cobra should be there

      11 days ago
  • I probably agree on everything except the F-Type

      11 days ago
  • I disagree with the F-type but the rest are some pretty solid choices...

      11 days ago
  • Ooooohhh. You run a rally strong line up. A+++

      11 days ago
  • British cars are always the most beautiful

      11 days ago