The 10 pickup trucks most likely to be resold after only one year of ownership

1w ago


If you live in the US, you know how popular pickup trucks are. They absolutely dominate the sales charts year after year. The Ford F-150 has topped overall sales for the past 36 years straight and they sold over 900,000 in 2018, an overall sales record. It broke that record which was set the year before... by the F-150.

However, outside of the F-150, Chevy Silverado, and Ram 1500, most other trucks pale in sales comparison. Because of this, some buyers lose interest in their pickups and sell them or trade them in after only one year of ownership.

According to website iSeeCars.Com, there are trucks that many people get rid of much faster than the industry average of 3.4 per cent within one year. These are the top 10 trucks on that list.

Toyota Tundra: 3.9%

Chevy Colorado: 4.1%

Ram 1500: 4.1%

GMC Sierra 1500: 4.6%

Toyota Tacoma: 4.7%

GMC Canyon: 4.8%

Nissan Frontier: 5.3%

Nissan Titan 7.6%

Nissan Titan XD: 7.9%

Now there are a few interesting notes on this list. One being that the Toyota Tacoma, a hugely popular and nearly indestructible truck (as proven by Clarkson, Hammond, and May with the Hilux on old Top Gear) is even on here at all at 4.7%. This leads me to believe that the truck isn't all sunshine and smiles.

Next and probably the weirdest anomaly is that the Ram 1500 appears. This is the third best seller of trucks here in the US and that should tell you all you need to know about why it's in third place among the big boys.

Lastly, the top three are all Nissan trucks. I've driven two of them in the Titan and Titan XD and they seemed very competent, but I suppose they were lacking when compared to the big three.

Regardless, when shopping for a new pickup, take this list into consideration and do your homework!