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      So pilots are always looking for an excuse to fly somewhere and the search for a decent meal is one of the standards. That local flight for a burger or in my case more often a proper biscuits and gravy breakfast. Ideally the destination is some airport cafe with decent food and even better if possible a great view of the runway. There just isn't anything better than having a nice meal while watching airplanes! What I look for is like the restate folks like to say location, location, location. I should share that the $100 amount is what used to be considered the average cost to a pilot in fuel or whatever for the plane flown on the adventure. So for me I look for places that let me enjoy airplanes. I'll share some of my favorites I've enjoyed in the past and hope some of the tribe will share their's!

      This is the Spruce Goose Cafe at Port Townsend. This is my current favorite destination! You have a great view of the runway and there is an excellent aviation museum at the airport to enjoy after your meal. Locals say the pie is the best!

      This is the Airport Cafe at Bremmerton Airport. Known for exceptional fish and chips! Not to mention a great view of the active runway!

      This is the Buzz Inn at Harvey field in Snohomish, Wa. A great breakfast destination with some fun airport activities!

      The Tacoma Narrows Airport has a great place called the Hub. Fantastic food and an excellent view of the airport!

      Flyers Restaurant and Brew Pub at SKagit Regional Airport will not disappoint! It recently opened and offers excellent food and beer for the non-pilots. Don't be tempted to forget 8 hours bottle to throttle!

      The Crosswinds Restaurant at the Payson AZ Airport is an excellent flight from the Phoenix area and will deliver a solid meal!

      The Sedona Grill at the airport in Sedona AZ at the unique airport there is an experience. The runway is on the top of a mesa in the middle of red rock country. The view is unbeatable and the chicken friend steak is the best. Last time I was there "famous" types were there in their biz jets enjoying the food and the view!

      I could always count on an awesome meal at the Aviator's Grill at David Wayne Hooks airport in Houston Texas!

      If you are thinking Deer Valley Airport in Arizona is about how far you want to fly then you will be well fed at the Deer Valley Airport Restaurant while enjoying a great view!

      So there are some of the great places I know for that $100 hamburger experience! Even if you can't fly to these places but you just love planes they are still great places to eat. So how about it tribe? Want to share your favorite $100 hamburger destinations?

      Looking forward to other tribe members sharing their favorites!

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