The 2010s was dominated by two drivers: Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel. The duo have won nine of the ten championships in the last decade, with only Nico Rosberg spoiling that symmetry. In what is my final "rankings" of the 2010s, I've selected what I do believe to be the eleven best drivers of the past decade in Formula One

The stats below are only for the past decade, not necessarily for their whole career (For example, it says Kimi Raikkonen has only taken three wins, but over his whole career it is much more at twenty-one).


Before we begin, there are a few drivers who didn't quite make the list who should get a shout-out. First off, we have Charles Leclerc. The Monegasque moved onto the scene in 2018 with Alfa Romeo and has since taken the world by storm, with two wins last year, and much more to come. Additionally, Nico Hulkenberg, who alongside Sergio Perez dominated the midfield of F1 like Hamilton and Vettel did with the top-tier stuff.

11: Valtteri Bottas

Races Entered: 139

Years Active: 2013-Present

Wins: 7

Pole Positions: 11

Fastest Laps: 13

Podiums: 45

Bottas came into F1 in William's worst F1 season of all time, and whilst the Finn was able to only score once in his opening season, he was able to match his race-winning team-mate Pastor Maldonado from the get-go. Between 2014-2016, Bottas excelled for Williams, claiming over a dozen podiums, and a move to Mercedes enabled the Finn to win seven races in the past three years, whilst being the perfect wingman for Lewis Hamilton's championship fight.

10: Kimi Raikkonen

Races Entered: 155

Years Active: 2000-Present

Wins: 3

Pole Positions: 2

Fastest Laps: 12

Podiums: 42

The Man. The Mith. The Legend. Whilst Raikkonen is remembered mainly for his first decade in F1, his return after his WRC outings for two years was sensational, taking two wins for Lotus in two years, and being the best of the rest for both seasons behind Alonso and Vettel. Upon moving to Ferrari, he moved into the second-driver spot, filling the seat after Massa's departure, and as he got further and further into his career, he matured like a fine win, with 2018 being a particular highlight, claiming one win, one pole position (the fastest lap in F1 history) and a whopping twelve podiums.

9: Mark Webber

Races Entered: 77

Years Active: 2010-2013

Wins: 8

Pole Positions: 12

Fastest Laps: 16

Podiums: 32

Could Mark Webber have won a World Championship? Yes, he was oh-so-close in 2010, but whilst he is remembered for being the only team-mate to really challenge Vettel (Leclerc has joined the club, and actually Ricciardo should be mentioned as well), he was instrumental in the team winning four double world championships, taking over half a dozen wins along the way.

8: Max Verstappen

Races Entered: 102

Years Active: 2015-Present

Wins: 8

Pole Positions: 2

Fastest Laps: 7

Podiums: 31

Now a consistent force in Formula One, having claimed wins in every season since 2016. The young Dutchman has matured over recent years, showcasing that maybe he will launch his first World Title bid in 2020.

7: Sergio Perez

Races Entered: 176

Years Active: 2011-Present

Wins: 0

Pole Positions: 0

Fastest Laps: 4

Podiums: 8

Maybe not as blasé as a Verstappen or Raikkonen, but Sergio Perez has, alongside Nico Hulkenberg, simply dominated the midfield in this past decade. Having come so close to winning the 2012 Malaysian Grand Prix, the Mexican has taken eight podiums for Sauber and Force India, and has finished in the top ten of the drivers championship seven out of the nine seasons he's taken part in.

6: Nico Rosberg

Races Entered: 136

Years Active: 2010-2016

Wins: 23

Pole Positions: 20

Fastest Laps: 18

Podiums: 55

A distant memory now, but Rosberg, barring Vettel, was the only driver who could really challenge the six-time World Champion that is Lewis Hamilton. He came close in 2014 to the World Championship, but in 2016 he was on it from the get go, winning four races in a row, showcasing consistency that replicated Schumacher. His retirement was a shock in late 2016, but looking back, it was probably a wise move, with the 34 year old German holding a strong racing record and legacy.

5: Daniel Ricciardo

Races Entered: 171

Years Active: 2011-Present

Wins: 7

Pole Positions: 3

Fastest Laps: 13

Podiums: 29

The Honey-badger. When he came onto the scene at Red Bull in 2014, he immediately stunned the world, easily trouncing the defending four-time World Champion, taking three wins and multiple podiums, with him easily taking third place in the championship. From 2016-2018, he took another four wins, and was able to keep his young team-mate Verstappen at bay for the most of it, and whilst his move to Renault in 2019 might be viewed as one step forward, two steps backwards, the Australian still did reasonably well, finishing ninth in the championship.

4: Jenson Button

Races Entered: 137

Years Active: 2010-2017

Wins: 8

Pole Positions: 1

Fastest Laps: 6

Podiums: 26

The smoothest driver on the grid. Button is arguably one of the greatest wet weather drivers of all time, winning the iconic 2011 Canadian Grand Prix, but when he was in a competitive car, he gave Hamilton a run for his money when they were team-mates between 2010-2012. Button took eight wins, six fastest laps and twenty-six podiums versus Hamilton's ten wins, nine fastest laps and twenty-two podiums.

3: Fernando Alonso

Races Entered: 176

Years Active: 2010-2018

Wins: 10

Pole Positions: 4

Fastest Laps: 10

Podiums: 44

What could have been if Fernando Alonso won the 2010 and 2012 World Championship. They were in his reach. Could he have been a four-time World Champion? That would have certainly given him more of what he deserved, and showcased where he truly stands amongst the F1 legends.

2: Sebastian Vettel

Races Entered: 197

Years Active: 2010-Present

Wins: 48

Pole Positions: 52

Fastest Laps: 35

Podiums: 113

Whatever you think of Sebastian Vettel recently, we must not forget his utter brilliance in his domination of four consecutive seasons, winning 45% of the races between 2010 and 2013. Sure, he has stammered in his quest for his fifth WC with Ferrari, but nevertheless, fifteen wins for The Prancing Horses isn't that bad, is it?

1: Lewis Hamilton

Races Entered: 197

Years Active: 2010-Present

Wins: 72

Pole Positions: 70

Fastest Laps: 44

Podiums: 123

Who else?

So what do you think? Who was the best driver of the 2010s? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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