The 11.000Rpm 4AGE powered Starlet at Mt. Washington

Mikko Kataja´s unique 4AGE powered Toyota Starlet KP62 continues to evolve after conquering Pikes Peak on 2016. This year it competed on the spectacular Mt. Washington HillClimb, using all its 260Hp/11.000Rpm to achieve a fantastic 10th Overall place while posting a highly impressive sub 7 minute chrono.

Discover how, and hear the tremendous symphony created by the highly tuned 4AGE powerplant and the skill required to drive this RWD Monster Hatchback. Even more impressive is the fact that the creation, development and maintenance of this little beast is pretty much a "one-man-show" with Mikko Kataja being the mastermind behind it all. He and his wife Kati are the the ones making it possible for the public to enjoy what is probably the most admired Starlet in Hillclimb Racing and certainly the only one conquering the some of the biggest Hillclimb in the world. After Pikes Peak in 2016 and Mt. Washington in 2017, what could be next in line for them?....

Special thanks to DaggerSLADE Media for the fantastic cover photo of this Monster:

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