The 13 worst trophies ever seen on a Formula 1 podium

1y ago


As you can imagine, absolutely EVERYTHING in F1 has a rule governing it, revised and reissued by the FIA each year in a hefty 70 page document, called the F1 Sporting Regulations.

On page 46, appendix three, ‘Podium Ceremony’, rule four ‘Trophies’, it clearly stipulates that the trophies to be dished out ‘must be in the form of traditional cups’.

Now while any other infraction of the rules in F1 usually ends up with the perpetrator in serious trouble, it is fair to say that this one has been well and truly bent, especially over the last few years.

1993 European Grand Prix

Ayrton Senna meets Sonic the Hedgehog, in a masterful PR stunt by SEGA, ahead of the proper trophy handout. Naughty.

2014 British Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton and a Santander inspired trophy, or as he called it ‘that £10 red plastic thing’

2008 Brazilian Grand Prix

To make up for him missing out on the world title by a whisker, Felipe Massa gets given a Klingon dagger

2014 Chinese Grand Prix

At least this one is a cup. Inspired by Mushu, the dragon out of Mulan. There can be no other explanation

2010 German Grand Prix

Yet more sponsor related rubbishness. Still, nice to be reminded what Fernando Alonso looks like with a trophy

2006 Hungarian Grand Prix

His first win and all Jenson Button gets is a vase that your granny might have on her mantelpiece

2015 Canadian Grand Prix

Just what I always wanted, a giant food whisk

2004 Bahrain Grand Prix

Rubens Barrichello thrilled to be awarded with a waste paper basket for his drive to second place

2014 Austrian Grand Prix

For his first F1 podium, Valtteri Bottas is to be given a circular saw

1989 Brazilian Grand Prix

Talking of dangerous trophies, this monstrosity had razor sharp edges, as Nigel Mansell soon found out as he sliced open his hand on it

2015 Austrian Grand Prix

Another awful Austrian prize. This one made out of locally sourced wood. Handy as it’ll burn nicely

2011 Hungarian Grand Prix

Never mind Jenson, it’ll make a lovely toast rack

2015 Chinese Grand Prix

China keep up their impressive record of shocking trophies, this one is what appears to be a giant Polo mint. On fire.

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