The 14.800Rpm Honda CBR Swapped FIAT 500 Proto

This tiny Monster is as Cute as it is quick. In a stratospherically high revving manner

André Wurcher debuted on this 2018 season this cute looking Monster, a 1970 FIAT 500, fully spaceframed and powered by a Honda CBR1000 Engine. Apart from the unique looks, its the stratospheric Rev Limit that stands out in this diminutive machine. At 14.800Rpm this is one seriously highly-strung Classic.

All this high-revving madness is good to produce 170Hp, with torque being somewhat sacrificed along the way (104Nm in this case). Of course in this case and in such a small machine using a spaceframed chassis, total weight is very low. Tipping the scales at 640Kg, it is no wonder that this little Yellow Demon is as quick as one can see on the clip of its run at Cividale Castemonte 2018.

But this was only the beginning of this hatchback´s development, certainly we´ll see much more of it ( and much faster ) on 2019. And we´ll be here to document it...

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