The 15 Fastest Monsters at Hillclimb Masters Falperra 2021

The Greatest celebration of HillClimb Racing was held in Portugal. These were the Fastest Monsters in this Super Event

The biggest celebration of HillClimb Racing was finally held at the mythic Rampa da Falperra in Braga, Portugal. A great number of the greatest Monsters in Europe were all present, making for one of the most incredible entrylists. So much so that we had to end up extending this clip to a fill Top 15. From the GT3 racers ( R8, Ginetta, 911, Lambo...) to the E2-Sh protos ( Fiesta, Alfa 4C and the brutal SLK340 Judd) and what were probably the stars-of-the-show, the Polish Lanccer Evos. This is how it all ended up:

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