The 16 best Tweets from the dullest Grand Prix of 2017

Fair to say the Abu Dhabi GP was not a classic

2y ago


Well, that was an ordeal.

After a truly exciting 2017 season the final race turned out to be a 55-lap snorefest as Valtteri Bottas won from pole, followed home in formation by Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel.

With no major changes in position, less overtaking than the M25 at rush hour, and no championships left to fight for, it was far from a classic.

It's now 119 days until F1 is back with the 2018 season opener in Melbourne, but for now, here are the best tweets that our man @GrandPrixDiary spotted from this race.

1) You'd gain even more fans if you do that Toto!

2) The always smiling Tabatha Valls of Toro Rosso deservedly front of stage for once!

3) You simply cannot beat a pink bobble hat. Or maybe you can.

4) Top Tweeter Giedo van der Garde on form as usual, as Kevin Magnussen has a big moment on lap one.

5) Nico Hulkenberg gets away with just a five second penalty for a blatant off the track pass on Sergio Perez.

6) Even opposing teams are impressed with Romain Grosjean's move on Lance Stroll on lap 12.

Was pretty feisty.

7) Farce India.

8) Lap 21 and it is fair to say not a lot going on.

This is Abu Dhabi, we should be used to that fact by now.

9) This reminder NOT needed on lap 32...

10) No argument here.

11) Typical Aussie, anything to get to the bar first.

12) Miaow.

13) This race worth $12m to Renault. No wonder they have their fingers crossed.

14) This would work!

15) I like Damon Hill's F1 logo idea more.

16) Nooooo!

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