The 16 funniest Tweets from the Brazilian Grand Prix

2y ago


Sebastian Vettel drove to a flawless victory in Brazil after grabbing the lead from pole-sitter Valtteri Bottas at turn one and never giving it up.

At the other end of the field Lewis Hamilton stormed from the pitlane to fourth, while the biggest cheers of the day were reserved for local hero Felipe Massa, who finished seventh in his last ever home Grand Prix.

Our man on Twitter @GrandPrixDiary was keeping an eye on social media throughout the race - here are his picks from Interlagos.

1) Ahead of qualifying, has Dr Marko just told Cyril Irritable he needs to rehire Jolyon Palmer as he’d like Carlos Sainz back?

2) What a year (or three) McLaren have had. I bet even the Tifosi will want to see these guys back at the sharp end in 2018

3) You never got this with Prost and Senna

4) Somebody at Renault has WAY too much time on their hands

5) Strictly Come Dancing started a few hours early

6) It had to happen sooner or later...

7) Lewis started from the pitlane. Eleven places gained and in the points by lap ten

8) Good shout!

Markus Winkelhock, the only driver in F1 history to start last on the grid and lead the race in his first Grand Prix.

9) I'll have a 'P' please Bob

10) Lap 57 and Lewis is closing in on Max for 4th place

Purrfect time for Mercedes to wheel out one of those cat GIFS they like.

11) He's not wrong...

12) Nobody else has a chance do they?

13) No translation needed

14) Goodbye and thank you Felipe. It's been emotional

15) Yep...

16) Last word to Fernando and McLaren. We want you back!

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