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The 1952 Maserati A6G/2000 Spyder by Frua: 3 In The World

In a Word - Masterpiece

Not too long ago I wrote about the 1956 A6G/2000 Berlinetta Zagato and what a rare gem of a car it was. I found that car while surfing the RM Sotheby’s auction lots. This earlier beauty of A6G/2000 I found on the Bonhams auction lot for next year. I have one word for this car - masterpiece.

After I did some research I found out of these models between the year 1950-51 there were only 16 built, name some of the most limited edition cars known today and tell them they are not so limited. The name itself depicted the specification of the car - A6 meant Alfieri (Maserati) and 6 Meant for 6 cylinders. If you don’t know who Alfieri Maserati was he was one of the founders of the Maserati Brothers. Back to the 16 - 9 were built by Pininfarina in the 2+2 fastback bodies, Frua built 4 convertibles and 1 coupé and Vignale built a coupe designed by Michelotti.

The 3 got a Body inspired from the A6/gcs Monofaro racing cars

Now you must be saying why did I say 3 in the world. This is because out of the 4 convertibles 3 got a body inspired from the A6/GCS Monofaro Racing cars. And it’s a masterpiece and my favourite part - the split windscreen. Yes, I believe a mark of beautiful classic convertibles is a split windscreen. I am not going to speak about how beautiful the car is, I will let the pictures do the talking.

Anyway what’s the history of this particular car at the auction. Let me tell you a short story. The car’s last registration was in 1954 at Rome, since then no one knew where it was. In 1997 it was found in California, and in that time the original 6 cylinder was removed and replaced with an American V8. So, one day a group of car collectors out of Europe were dining at a restaurant in Cali were talking about italian cars, their server said she owned a vintage italian car and stated it was a A6G/2000 Spyder by Frua and all the collectors at the table fell silent. They went to see the car and tried to buy it on the spot. But due to some legal stuff it could not have been done. Turns out the table’s Server’s father used to race the car and was doing so for 25 years.

took 5 years to be restored with original parts

In 2000, the car was finally sold to the current owner, who after purchasing it had the car sent to its home in Italy to be restored to its original form under the supervision of the Dr. Adolfo Orsi, A Maserati Historian. The car went along with a blank cheque as it was a no cost barred restoration. It took 5 years to be restored with the original transmission and differentials along with the engine and other parts were remanufactured. Even the grills and bumpers are remade from the original moulds. Now the car runs..and has somehow shown up for sale on Bonhams.

Since it was restored it has won awards, latest in 2014 at Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance and before that in 2010 at The Quail and in 2006 at The Concoso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este.

With Some additional research I found that a 1956 A6G/2000 Frua Spyder sold in 2014 for $2.53 Million, I can only say that this one is going to fetch a price more than that.

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  • One day I am going to come home from Bonhams a happy man.

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  • Wow that is perfection on wheels

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