The 1​990 Alfa Romeo SE-048SP

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Group C came around and the Fiat Group was interested in entering something new. The first car that came out from Lancia was the LC2, but that wasn’t overly successful. Lancia at the time had its focus on WRC and Ferrari had a focus on F1. This left Alfa Romeo, which at the time was the newest addition to the group. Alfa Romeo had a lot of success in the past with the Tipo 33 and the Sportscar World Championship in the 1970’s and wanted to return again.

P​hoto by: Nick Lan

P​hoto by: Nick Lan

The SE 048SP’s chassis creation was a project for Fiat and it’s lead designer Giuseppe Petrotta, a new designer previously from Osella. His work resulted in an amazing looking prototype, very similar to everything racing at the time. The 1990 change in regulations was very much inspiring to Alfa Romeo and Fiat, but never worked. The car never got through it’s development stage, the car was meant to be raced with MOMO, but the head Gianpiero Moretti made no deal with Alfa so the project was abandoned and the car was never raced. The car is still a mystery and was kept very secret until after it’s denial and not everything is told, but the car sits inside an Alfa Romeo Museum. The budget from the SE 048SP and the Lancia WRC programme combined into the Alfa Romeo 155 Touring car programme which saw numerous wins in DTM and BTCC and was a huge success, sadly the SE 048SP wasn’t.

P​hoto by: Kevin Van Campenhout

P​hoto by: Kevin Van Campenhout

The SE 048SP was a very secretive project and not much was said until after the project was scrapped. Regulations required a 3.5 litre naturally aspirated engine. Alfa Romeo had a V10 ready to go after the 164 Procar in the 80’s. And originally the SE 048SP was developed off the late Lancia LC2. Not much information provided says it insisted on using the Tipo 1035 V10 claiming to produce 620hp but at Goodwood in 2010 it was seen with a V12 supplied by Ferrari which would could’ve made around 680hp at 12,750rpm while being twinned with a 6 speed manual gearbox. Would love to know exactly what went on with this car, one of the best looking Group C specification cars out there in my opinion.

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  • Alfa Romeo SE 048SP: the Group C equivalent of the Ferrari F50 GT.

      7 months ago