These are my thoughts on the matter, and who I think has had the most influence on Virtual tuning your choice might be different, this is just a matter of opinion.

So I am now and old man peeking 34 year next year I can say I have experiences my fair share of different styles and trends in Virtual Tuning. There are many out there like me, that does Virtual Tuning, many are talented and have an exceptional eye for detail. I remember it very clearly it was more then 19 years ago, when i first started getting into the world of Virtual Tuning, it was all very new to me and I had no idea back then that it would get my the job I have today and the jobs I have gotten throughout my life.

I have to say Virtual tuning has changed my life literally, I've got to know amazing people along the way and experienced new Countries and places in my life. It has taken me from Denmark where lived for 3 years doing game design, where I also worked as a Photoshop Teacher outside of school hours. And to UK Where i lived in Newcastle Upon Tyne as a Vehicle artist where my main job was touch-ups of Screenshots and Texture work ( never trust game screenshots ^^ ).

I managed to get to these places and jobs just by doing virtual tuning as hobby, my family never said it would get me any where but i proved them wrong after around 5 year when I got my first parttime job at a car magazine names VMAX, I worked for them as a " feature " artist where I did a car each month and we also had a small section where public could send in their contrbutions and I was glad I had my experience I did because many sendt in Virtual tuning that others had made to get prices. Als my 2nd job after 10 years into the scene when I moved to UK and worked as a Vehicle artist in early 2008. I am a self thought designer and I've learned most just be experimenting with Photoshop and also by using some tutorial online, Youtube was not as popular back then so google was life.

I first showed my Virtual tuning on forum back in early 1998 it was know as " " it was a Norwegian forum where many had post their Virtual Tuning, and showed off their skills. I remember very clearly the first feedback I got on my first ever Virtual tuning I posted " My grandmother can do better then this " that was my very first feedback, I know why why he said it but little did he know it would set me on a path to change my life forever.

I started practicing and trying to get better and better. I looked around on other forums as well, there was this one forum that not everyone knew about but it was the first time I saw my " inspiration " in my Virtual tuning scene, and his name was IACOSKI, first time i saw one of his Virtual Tuning I remember I one day want to be as good as that.

IACOSKI if probably the one Artist that most Virtual tuning know about, he was the one everyone strived to be as good as, and he also had a great influence on the quality of the Virtual tuning from 2000 to late 2009. He had a way to make every other Virtual tuning look fake while his work always stayed at a realistic level then what we could achieve. I remember the chop the best was the iconic Subaru He did, I saw this on a forum long ago and quality was quite high still even for today ( dont have image sadly ) for me this changed my view on Virtual tuning, the realism back then for us was insanely high, some even thought he used 3D to achieve this which was of course false.

As you can see the quality of these even tho they are almost 1 decade ago are still quite high in quality. Here you can see some of his latest work. Made not long ago.

More Of IACOSKIs work can be found here

As an Old school Virtual Tuner I have been around in many different forums. but the one forum that most know about and rememberat it very dearly as " " This forum was the THE FORUM back in the old school days. It is also a place many miss today and also a reason why some have stopped doing Virtual Tuning from what I have been told. Digimods was founded in 1999 but was the main forum in 2003 and everyone and anyone that knew about Virtual Tuning was on Digimods.


Christer Stormark

The forum had all the top Virtual tuners back then and if you wanted to get into the Virtual Tuning scene this was the place to go, it was open, friendly, and helpful. It was and iconic site that to this day is probably the best place a Virtual Tuner could have been on.

Sadly the forum was shut down some years ago, and it was a big loss for everyone in the Virtual Tuner community, and it also made some people quit doing Virtual tuning because of this.

To day there is many new forums you can visit to check out Virtual tuning, but the main one that is most active right now is Autemo. " " here you can even request work done to your own car, and also join as an artist and be part of the massive Virtual tuner community.

But Back to The Influences of Virtual tuning there has been many artist along the line like just to name a few , BO_CH, Aurel, Charlie & Chapter which are all still very known artist to this day.

As you can probably tell by now I know a lot of people in the Virtual Tuning community, and I have gotten to know them most of them quite well. There is however one new Artist that has taken the Virtual scene by storm and changed the way Virtual tuning is seen.

With his outrageous style and creativity, and the exceptional way of atmosphere in the designs, this man has really taken the scene by surprise. He came from out of nowhere little over 3 years go and has had a massive impact on the scene, the realism , the creativity the ideas the and so on, the way he does Virtual tuning like none other always pushing the bounders just a bit further to reach that pinnacle and dare to be different then the others.

Going from no one has ever seen of heard before to, everyone wants to be and do as, Khyzyl as done something in very little time that I've seen anyone has ever done.

You see his designs all over the place, shared and loved by media, artist trying to be as good as him, he is truely on of a kind when it comes to Virtual tuning, and in a second I will show you why.

And small example of The Virtual tuning of Khyzyl

Just by these examples you might understand why I speak so highly of this artist. More work can be seen here

What intrigues me so much with Khyzyl is that anyone can do what he does as well, but he always does it that much better, taking it a step further, example the Lambo it has blue tires that blend into the background no one does that, anyone can do a green lambo but is just these things that sets him apart from everyone else, you either love or you hate his work but you have to admit that either way his work will always be " different"

I am gonna end it here with a compilation of my Old works compare to my New, Just to give you all an idea where it all began and that everything is achievable with hard work and practice, and if you set your mind to something nothing should stop you for doing so, I have learned so much from this and I am still learning today.


Vince Lombardi
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