The 2017 Chevy Tahoe Is The V8 Beast You Need In Your Life

1y ago


So you're in the market for an upsized, V8, mile muncher? May I suggest the above truck.

The Chevy Tahoe has long been one of my favorite large SUVs on the road. It's good looks, excellent V8 engine, and ample space make it the ideal family hauler for someone that truly hates minivans. GM was kind enough to give us a Chevy Tahoe for a week and I took it out near the end of the run to talk about the 5 things I really loved about this truck.

I mean it's expensive, sure, but so is everything else in this class. I do belive this is the best looking truck at this size on the market. I thought that about the previous generation as well. As everything gets more rounded and streamlined, the Tahoe still has a bit of a boxy, more burly look to it. And I love that.

The engine is an absolute champ, sounds great, and pulls well for the truck's size. Plus it sounds like a beast when you floor it. And to make matters even better, you get cylinder shut off tech and get 4cyl workloads when the engine doesn't need all 8. The truck does it seemlessly and you'll never even know it's happening until a little green "4" shows up on your instrument panel.

Overall the Tahoe is a supremely good auto and one that, if I had the money and was in the market, would be purchasing yesterday.

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