The 2018 BMW M5 is the MotoGP Safety car you really want

The German carmakers association with MotoGP continues with the all-new super-saloon getting safety car duty for the 2018 season

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BMW has long been providing specced up versions of the very best its M Division has to offer as MotoGP safety cars. The BMW M2 and M4 have both received this honour in recent years, and now it’s the turn of the all-new 2018 M5.

This is not just a mere garden-variety M5 though; it boasts a dazzling array of M Performance upgrades and will be revealed in full at the SEMA show in Las Vegas tomorrow.

These upgrades mean a lot of the standard kit has been binned in favour of carbon-fibre parts, these include the iconic kidney grilles, front bumper air intakes, side air channels, rear diffuser and rear lip spoiler. It's also fitted with a newly developed sports exhaust system made from titanium with carbon exhaust tips, because weight saving is a good thing.

The full M Performance upgrades don’t stop there either, take that front splitter, for example, it was again specially developed just for this M5 and its safety car duties.

Elsewhere the M Division boffins have fitted bonnet latches straight from a BMW racecar, along with a roof-mounted LED light bar which works in tandem with LED lights mounted in the front grille, because being visible is important in any emergency scenario.

On the inside its more of the same, with full emergency light controls, a pair of racing style seats borrowed from the M4 GTS and swathes of carbon-fibre. Oddly though this M5 seems to have the high-end audio system installed, assuming you want to listen to Spotify while leading 22 screaming MotoGP bikes around Silverstone.

Having witnessed a MotoGP M2 at Silverstone last year, there should be no doubt that the sight and sound of this M5 at full chat on track will be a mighty thing to behold. We even like the ways it looks with the livery taking direct inspiration from the M8 GTE race car and those epic two-tone gold and black rims.

Which would you chose? standard M5 or MotoGP spec?

Which would you chose? standard M5 or MotoGP spec?

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