The 2019 F1 grid, made in Lego!

7w ago


I feel like doing these has now become a tradition for me at the beginning of the F1 season. And I also think that I've never had so much fun doing it!

Mercedes is one of the only teams to have kept the traditional sidepods

With new regulations, new liveries, crazy bargeboards and awesome sidepods, 2019 is really a great season to try and replicate with Lego bricks.

The Ferrari looks awesome this year!

Just like the teams, I had to focus a big part of my efforts towards the bargeboards, which are unbelievably intricate this year, and surprisingly different from team to team. Sadly, most of them chose to paint them black so they are hard to see, even in Lego form. But I really had a ton of fun designing them.

Weird solutions on the Red Bull, as usual

The other challenge was trying to make the Ferrari-style high-and-slim sidepods inlets work for all the teams. Last year it was fine because basically only Ferrari and Haas had them, so it helped me differentiate these two teams from the rest. But with most teams going that route in 2019, I had to find ways to replicate the minute differences between them. Proper challenge!

It'll be fascinating to see what Ricciardo can do with the Renault

Other details that are new for this year: I have found a way to replicate more of the front suspension, found a new exhaust piece that works better than the old one, went for slimmer noses on the Mercedes and the McLaren, and of course the wider, simpler front wing and taller rear wing.

The McLaren looks agressive this year. I hope they can slowly get back to the top

Anyways, I hope you guys like this year's batch as much as I enjoyed designing them. As always, I'll be publishing the instructions and parts lists for them soon. It probably be this week, as real life is getting busier and busier and finding parts that are easy to buy for each cars is time-consuming. But they will be on Square Cars eventually!

The great looking Alfa. Hopefully Kimi can get it to some cool places!

Have a great 2019 F1 season, and may the best team win. I just really hope it's Ferrari this time...

Black liveries are a pain. Hard to show any detail there!

I always love how clean and cool the Toro Rosso look every year

Force Ind... Racing Point, sorry!

I'm getting used to this weird livery!

Let the battle begin!