The 2019 Lamborghini Urus Actually Looks Pretty Decent

1y ago


Anyone who knows me personally knows that I really dislike it when a non-SUV car company suddenly decides to cash in on the trend and randomly make an SUV. However, if these automakers do it the way Lamborghini has done with their Urus, then maybe I will change my mind.

Maybe it's because Lambo already knows what they are doing since they made the LM002 back in the day, but whatever the reason, I quite like the Urus. It's a looker and has the performance that you would expect from something that has the Lambo badge front and center.

For those who can afford the $200,000 - $270,000 price tag, a sense of luxury is to be expected, so Lamborghini has gone bonkers with customization options. How does 14 exterior and 15 interior colors sound? Want to pick the type of stiching? Go right ahead.

You can also choose three wheel sizes, multiple caliper colors, and four exhaust tips. If off roading is your thing, then go ahead and order the optional off road package, which has a different front and rear fascia to improve the approach/departure angle. The existence of an off road "package" though leads me to wonder how capable the non off road version is.

As far as speed goes,'s a Lambo, isn't it? Of course it's fast; a reported 190 MPH type of fast. The Urus does not use a variant of the Aventador's engine, but instead uses an Audi 4.0L twin turbo V8, good for 650 HP and 627 LB/FT of torque.

So the Urus looks good, has plenty of cargo space, comes with an optional off-raod package, and is fast as hell. Looks like you guys hit all the bullet points!

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