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The 2019 Mercedes A45 AMG will have up to 416bhp

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Hot hatches are getting faster and faster every year. I remember when the first batch of 300bhp+ hot hatches were released and the storm of competitors that came with them. Now, thanks to Mercedes and AMG, we have the world's first production hot hatch with over 400bhp.

The Mercedes A45 AMG will be the range topping model for the A-Class family, sitting above the recently revealed A35 AMG which has a measly 302bhp. To put this in contrast, the previous A45 AMG has 376bhp.

The information comes from a German insurance provider called HUK24 which has shared powertrain specifications for the A45 AMG and A45 AMG S. These cars were registered in December 2018, which are most likely prototype cars.

Image Source: HUK24

Like many range topping AMG models, the A45 will come in two flavours. The base model will be the A45 AMG which will come with 382bhp and the A45 AMG S will have the all important 416bhp. Both the A45 AMG and A45 AMG will have Mercedes's 4MATIC 4WD system which should make the two cars the quickest hot hatches on sale when they are revealed later this year. Expect the A45 AMG S to have a 0-62mph time to be under 4 seconds.

The A45 AMG models will go on to rival other hot hatches such as the Audi RS3, VW Golf R and even the BMW M140i. However, the A45 AMG S has enough power and general performance to rival the BMW M2 Competition and the new Porsche 911 Carrera.

The video above shows the A45 AMG going through important powerslide testing in a promotional teaser video. The A45 AMG in the video is wrapped in a stunning multi-colour camouflage scheme which really suits the car.

Mercedes are also planning 35 and 45 versions of the CLA coupe and CLA shooting brake which are due sometime this year.

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