The 2019 Supra Will Be a "Real Supra"

26w ago


This will be a pretty quick article, but as Christmas is literally around the corner, I just want to address something which people have constantly missed out on when complaining about the upcoming Toyota Supra sports car.

Such complaints include stuff along the lines of, "it's not a real Supra" or "the MK4 is better" etc etc.

I could delve into the long, wondrous history of the Celica Supras from the '70s and those that followed, but the MK4 is what's relevant to most fanboys, so I'll just talk about that.

Firstly, the Supra wasn't made to rival the Nissan Skyline:

Truth be told, it was the 300ZX!

Yes, contrary to what the Fast & Furious franchise has told us, when the MK4 Supra was unveiled in 1994, it was designed as a sports GT built to rival against Nissan's 300ZX - which could also be had with a powerful twin turbocharged 3.0 litre engine.

It's also important to stress that the Skyline always starts out as a mundane saloon car, before the 2-door versions get beefed up in the form of the GTS-Ts, GT-Rs and so on.

The Supra never started out in life as a saloon car - if anything, that role went to the Chaser.

Then in the 21st century, Nissan's Z car changed

Smaller, more agile, more focused.

With the introduction of the 350Z all those years ago, suddenly Nissan's Z car underwent drastic changes after the 300ZX.

It sat on a shorter, more sporty platform with a more focused ethos compared to it's predecessors. We now have the improved 370Z along with an even more hardcore Nismo version.

All this means the Supra has a slightly different ballpark to play in, as opposed to it's more laid-back predecessors. In order to create the MK5, Toyota simply had to adapt to the changes which traditional rival cars went through.

So, it's right to put the Supra on a smaller platform, it's right to give it a sportier, more focused ethos. And - even though the 370Z is an ageing dinosaur - it was right to give Nissan's Z car a serious scare.

In essence, Toyota's new Supra is a "real Supra", it's just that it had to move with the times and adjust to new trends in the marketplace, that's all.

Here's a MK4 Twin Turbo to please you all.

Thanks for reading this extremely quick write-up. I hope I cleared things up slightly, and whether you agree with me or not, I'd say Toyota is making all the right moves with the MK5.

Nevertheless, I hope you enjoyed it and have a very happy Christmas!

I'll be back writing properly after the holidays :)