The 2020 F1 Season Has Been Underrated!

Looking back to this year's championship I can't stop but think that it's been one of the best ones recently.

At the end of Drive to Survive Season2, Christian Horner can be seen saying: ‘’2020 is set to become one of the biggest years in Formula 1’s history’’ and quite a few people were quick to ridicule and judge the Red Bull Team Principal COVID-19 happened and Mercedes/Hamilton dominated from day 1. However, if you think about it this year we’ve had 12 different drivers step on the podium, an Alpha Tauri win at Monza and Stroll on pole position. On top of that, we’ve witnessed Ferrari’s and Schumacher’s records get broken by none other than Mercedes and Hamilton which begs the question, was Mr Horner right all along?

This year, fans have witnessed something quite extraordinary. For starters, there isn’t such thing as top 3 or best of the rest anymore. Unfortunately for me, Ferrari’s performance this year has been a shock as they don’t even regularly challenge for a podium position. Of course, some improvement can be seen since the start of the season with Leclerc and Vettel both stepping on the podium despite a clearly slower car than others. Ferrari’s drop in performance along with Racing Point’s, Mclaren’s, Renault’s and even Alpha Tauri’s tremendous improvement since last year have made things very interesting.

Even though the Hamilton, Bottas and Verstappen have been the clear cut favourites for the podium positions for pretty much every weekend, the teams mentioned (and sometimes Ferrari) have capitalized on slight hiccups and have either gotten themselves on the podium or even on the top step of the podium as Mr Pierre Gasly did in his team’s home race. Nevertheless, even in the races where the usual suspects have distanced themselves from the rest, everyone else has a fair chance of getting 4th and an even fairer chance of getting 12th with the slightest mistake.

Of course, it would be naïve to call a season dull if on that season a driver matched Schumacher’s Driver’s Titles, or surpassed his all-time win tally, or a team broke Ferrari’s record of 6 straight Constructor’s Titles. Well, this year all 3 happened and somehow both Hamilton and Mercedes managed to make these extraordinary feats seem routine and well, boring. Just 3-4 years ago (2017 season) all 3 of those records seemed out of reach for anyone in the grid and yet the Hamilton-Mercedes duo made it happen almost effortlessly. In reality, it wasn’t effortless at all, quite the opposite actually as Team Boss Toto Wolff has said, their run of 7 championships has taken a toll on all of them, and yet from the outside it looks like their cars have no flaws at all, their strategies are perfect and Hamilton is a robot and not a human.

Overall, it’s been an exciting season, certainly more exciting than last year and even the year before that. After the Austrian GP, YES we knew that Hamilton and Mercedes would win everything and yet the rest of the grid was so bunched up together that not only it was fun see battles for 4th, 5th, 6th but actually see other teams (except Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari) get podiums, win and even get pole positions fair and square.

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