The 2020 Mustang's addition to Ford India's stable: Rumour or reality?

The facelifted version looks meaner, is meaner but is India ready for it?

31w ago


Amidst all the EV attention India has been getting, there might be some good news for all the aspirational Westerners. Ford might be getting the facelifted yet iconic Mustang to the subcontinent soon. Are they? But when? Autocar claims the American muscle car will be arriving on our Indian shores by the second half of 2020. So we might have a slight tilt towards a solid confirmation. But what do you think?

The 2020 iteration of the Mustang has been on sale globally for quite a while now. Unveiled to the world at the 2018 Frankfurt Motor Show, the 2020 guise carries over the same engine from its predecessor. However, that same 5.0-litre V8 engine has now been tweaked to produce 450 ponies over the initial 415.

Being a facelift, the designers at Ford managed to retain the overall design of its pre-facelifted iteration albeit with minor alterations. The front end now looks slimmer yet mean. The flared look of the 2018 headlights gets replaced by a pair of eyes which carry more aggressive intent with it. Even the bonnet has now been lowered along with the introduction of air vents on it.

If you thought the 2018 iteration’s rear was a simple affair, this does a good job to amp it up a bit. The rear bumpers now receive deeper creases with a different diffuser design and edgier looking taillights.

On the inside, while the basic layout is pretty similar, there are minor differences. For instance, the new model carries two central air vents instead of the traditional three. There is a new 12.0-inch LCD instrument display and a lot more soft-touch plastics around the cabin. Ford is giving out the LED lights as standard across all variants while features like Adaptive Cruise Control are optional.

However, any talk on the list of features available will be futile for now as Ford hasn’t confirmed any details on the Indian-spec. We’re yet to see what sort of tech and variants will be on offer. But for now, potential customers can make do by deciding on the three additional colours on offer - blue, orange and red. More details on the features offered, variants on sale and MRP will soon follow as we near the tentative launch date. Fingers and stables crossed! And I come back to my question yet again, what do you think?

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Comments (3)

  • Who would buy it though? I mean a 320d and X1 are luxury cars where I live . Are there people here who care about the rumble of the V8?

      7 months ago
    • Idk I’ve heard it sells pretty well. I’ve seen a bunch in Bangalore. Way more than a buncha supercars and cheaper BMW M cars

        2 months ago
  • Let us see if it actually comes!

      7 months ago