The 2021 F1 car with the Jordan 191 livery looks absolutely gorgeous

4w ago


This week Formula 1 fans got their first glimpse at what the cars could look like under the new regulations, which are set to be brought in for the 2021 season.

F1 sporting chief Ross Brawn and his team are currently working on the new regs, which they hope will encourage better racing and spicier on-track action. One of the key objectives is to make the cars' aerodynamics less susceptible to interference from a car in front, thus making overtaking easier.

F1 released an image and a video clip of the new car being tested in a wind tunnel:

Now, of course this is only a guide, since the teams will interpret the new rules however they see fit and will come up with their own designs within the legal parameters, but it does give some idea as to how the cars will likely look come 2021.

And now ace designer Sean Bull – a regular here on DriveTribe with his superb livery renders – has taken the concept and applied one of F1's most iconic liveries to the new car.

Yes, this is the 2021 concept with the Jordan 191 paint job, from Eddie Jordan's first F1 season in 1991. And we think it looks incredible:

Just look at it!

To see more of Sean's work, you can follow him on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @seanbulldesign .

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