- AMG GT Stealth Edition - Credit: Daimler

The 2021 Mercedes-AMG GT gains more power and a Stealth Edition

Ditching the base model, the updated GT has more performance, more black and more stealthy styling.

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Following on from the GT Black Series announced earlier this year, the whole GT line-up will be changing in 2021 - doing away with the old base model whilst gaining a sizeable power jump and updated styling.

AMG GT - Credit: Daimler

AMG GT - Credit: Daimler

The potent entry level GT will produce 390kW (523hp) of power from it's 4.0L Biturbo V8 engine - a 40kW (54hp) jump from the previous base model and subsequently increasing torque from 630Nm up to 670Nm. This gives the base car a new top speed of 312km/h and an improved 0-100km/h figure of just 3.8 seconds - although as with the previous GT, we think it might just prove to accelerate a bit quicker than the papers state.

A variety of previously optional equipment is now standard in the base GT, including an electronic limited-slip differential, sport suspension with adaptive damping, and the inclusion of a race mode. Additionally, an upgraded braking system from carbon composite to iron rotors and aluminium calipers are painted red, except on the new special edition.

AMG GT Stealth Edition - Credit: Daimler

AMG GT Stealth Edition - Credit: Daimler

Following the dark mode trend, the AMG GT now comes in a 'Stealth Edition', resembling that of the older SL350 Night Edition with matte exterior paint and interior 'Night' packages. Every chrome detail - minus the rear emblems have been blacked out, including the grille, headlight surrounds, 19/20-inch staggered wheels and of course the brake calipers.

Available as a black-roofed convertible or carbon-topped coupe, three paint colours will be offered; black, almost-black, and sort-of-black... okay not quite. Mercedes has given these paints more thoughtful names - Obsidian Black Metallic, Selenite Grey Metallic and a special Designo Grey Magno.

AMG GT Stealth Edition - Credit: Daimler

AMG GT Stealth Edition - Credit: Daimler

The interior of the Stealth Edition gains classy diamond stitched nappa leather seats with black stiching; Piano Black centre console trim, a black 'dynamic' steering wheel with Piano Black styling, and a special badge to let people know that it isn't just a regular GT.

Pricing will be available closer to the launch date, but expect base prices to increase, as a multitude of new features are now standard on the GT. For reference, the current GT S in Australia starts at just over $310,000 AUD excluding dealer fees and on-road costs.

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