The 2021 Toyota Supra debuts at Daytona and gets more Power

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Toyota debuted the 2021 Toyota Supra at Daytona International Speedway Thursday evening. The newest model of Toyota’s long awaited sportscar, the 3.0 Premium, will have a more horsepower (382 horses at 5800 rpm up from 335 for the 2020 model). A 4-cylinder will also be available. The lighter version will have 255 horses.

There will also be 1000 A91 Editions that will be available to race in IMSA’s Michelin Pilot Challenge against Ford Mustangs, BMW M3s and Porsche 997s among others in the GT4 class.

The announcement took some by surprise coming during NASCAR’s biggest race week, Daytona Speedweeks. Reigning NASCAR Cup champion Kyle Busch was in attendance at the press conference that was being held in the same spot as Toyota used to debut the Xfinity racecar nearly two years prior.

However, the Supra won’t be coming to NASCAR’s Cup series anytime soon. Despite the fact that NASCAR will be debuting its Next Gen car next season, the Camry will be in the Cup series for the foreseeable future.

“We’re sticking with Camry that is our bread and butter for Toyota,” said David Wilson president and general manager of Toyota Racing development after the Supra debut. “It’s served us well and we’re actively working on the new Camry line for the Next Gen car. “

That doesn’t mean the Supra wasn’t being considered.

“We took a look at that before we launched the Gen 5 Supra,” Wilson said. “We even did some design exercises.”

“I can tell you; those renderings will probably never see the light of day; sexy as hell,” Wilson said smiling. “But ultimately, we decided the Camry was the right model to continue moving forward with, principally because we build it in the U.S.”

And the fact that the Camry is built in America (the Supra is imported form Japan) is perhaps the biggest reason it will be Toyota’s flagship in NASCAR’s top tier Cup series for the foreseeable future.

“One of the main reasons Toyota is engaged in NASCAR is to talk to the fans about the cars and trucks we build in the U.S.,” Wilson said. “It’s very much an Americanization story and for Camry that really resonates better than Supra. “

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