The 2022 BMW M3 Touring, rendered by me

37w ago

​No need for a 'what if' in the title this time for my 5th render, because you all know, BMW is finally releasing a wagon for their beyond-iconic M3. Not till 2021 though, so I have rendered it earlier so you guys can have a feel of that its going to be like. For this rendering, matching the rear body panels was a nightmare. Once the front is matched up perfectly, the rear suddenly decides to disproportionately hang over the sedan body and the flared wheel fenders, longer and wider, making the panel gaps and shadowing look like a part of Picasso's works. So to give it the factory finish to the render, some panel gaps and shadowing just simply had to be eliminated and redrawn on. And this occurred for all 3 angles of the render, so it was painful especially when you have to do it with a mouse only. Hope you like the end result!

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