The 2022 Honda Civic: no longer an angry teenager

It appears the next generation Honda Civic is all grown up

9w ago

The Honda Civic is almost 50 years old and finally looks to be getting over its angry teenager phase. Overnight, Honda revealed its prototype of the 11th generation of Civic which favors a more sophiscated and stylish look over the current generations schizophrenic styling.

Here's what we know so far:

The 2022 Civic will go on sale in late spring 2021. The sedan model will be released first, followed by the hatchback, the Si, and the Type R. There are no plans to release a coupe.

Although Honda USA have been playing hard-to-get when it comes to information about their next generation powerplant and drivetrain, they did confirm that all models will offer an optional 6 speed manual transmission.

Despite rumors suggesting otherwise, Honda have confirmed they have no current plans to build an all-wheel-drive variant but haven't closed the door on the idea completely.

The touchscreen has grown from 7.0 inches to 9.0 inches and is now mounted at the top of the dashboard rather than integrated within it.

This generations Civic will be the first Honda to offer a completely digital instrument cluster, but customization options remain unclear. Honda have only released the above rendering of the interior and wouldn't let us peek in the windows.

Honda have confirmed they will be rolling out multiple new active and passive safety systems but wouldn't go into detail when pressed. We feel confident speculating that the new Civic will offer some level of autonomous driving.

The theme for the 11th generation Honda Civic is 'thin and light'. Honda designers aimed to give the exterior a lower, wider look. Inside, the focus is on great egronomics and visibility and a 'human-centric' display that apprently means a sparse, flat horizontal dash design and few buttons.

Outside, the next generation Honda Civic is around 1 inch longer than the current model. The A pillar has been lowered by 1 inch and moved back by 2 inches to give the car a longer, sleeker, sportier look. The C pillar and rear passenger window lines have been copied from the current Honda Accord and the rear lights seem to have been borrowed from the current BMW Supra.

The door mirrors have been moved off the A pillar down onto the door to improve the exterior profile and to give the driver greater visability.

An integrated rear spoiler is included on every model.

Fake vents that were a focal point of the current generation Civic appear to have been ditched in favor of large functional, open vents to provide brake cooling but Honda are unwilling to confirm that this will carry over to production.

The 11th generation protoype was wearing 19 inch wheels wrapped in Michelin Pilot Super Sport sized 235/35ZR-19 tires.

What do you think of the next generation Honda Civic? Let us know in the comments below.

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Comments (40)

  • Very Audi A4 looking

      2 months ago
  • 🤨 rear lights are nothing like the “BMW” Supra.. not even slightly... more like Skoda Superb if we need to make comparisons...😉

      2 months ago
    • How about Skoda superb or octavia like or the rear approach from Honda is straight up from Skoda boys,

      to suit the taste of European Buyers simple yet subtle,

        2 months ago
    • It reminds me more of a vw jetta

        2 months ago
  • In comparison to the recent hideous-alien-cyber-over-the-top-robotic-poop-shaped Civics, it’s good to see something slick and elegant. Love it.

      2 months ago
  • “BMW Supra”😂...good one. Anyhow, it looks very good. Lots of 4th,5th and 6th gen influence in the interior is what I recon. Good! Actually, interior is so clean-designed that looks almost Scandinavian! Great!!! 10 generations in experience is so obvious in this 11th reincarnation. I just hope Honda will provide us with some legacy models. Si, Type R and so on. Perhaps have us finally see the resurrection of the Intrgra too!!!

      2 months ago
  • I was thinking more along the lines that it looks like a Japanese influenced Jetta

      2 months ago