- 2022 Nissan 400Z prototype

The 2022 Nissan 400Z

2022 Nissan 400Z

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Like its beastly brother, the Nissan GT-R, the 400Z is expected to be powered by a twin-turbocharged V-6. But, instead of the fire-breathing 565-hp 3.8-liter thatโ€™s under the hood of the GT-R, the 400Z will likely get the 300-hp 3.0-liter mill from the Infiniti Q60. It's also possible that high-performance NISMO variant could get the 400-hp version of that engine that's currently exclusive to the Q60 Red Sport 400. While all-wheel drive is available in the Infiniti, we expect Nissan will stick with rear-wheel drive exclusively for the 400Z; a seven-speed automatic is likely, but we're hoping for a six-speed manual option as well.


Base: $45,000 (est.)

Premium: $48,000 (est.)

Track: $50,000 (est.)

NISMO: $53,000 (est.)

I expect a price hike over the current 370Z to somewhere in the mid-$40,000 range for a starting price. To justify its higher price tag, I expect that the 400Z up the ante with more luxury features, improved performance, and more desirable styling, all of which will also help it move up from the Mazda MX-5 Miata and Subaru BRZ playing field to compete with the likes of the Supra, the BMW Z4, and the Audi TT.

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