The 21 Gun Salute and The Panty Dropper

The 21 Gun Salute and The Panty Dropper
By C.Chikombah

When Claus Luthe designed the automotive icon that is the BMW E30, it's hard to imagine whether even he could have envisioned the reach and the depth of his creation. Those clean classic lines coupled to the Munich automaker's indomitable M20 motor made it something other worldly. It's a car that wrote itself into the pages of automotive history.

I remember as a boy fawning over pictures of the 'matchbox' BMW in magazines and dreaming how one day I might be at the helm of one of these magnificent beasts. Fast forward a few decades and I would attain that dream, and it would be everything I imagined. An experience I would gladly encourage anyone to have for themselves because it is a wonderful piece of automotive engineering.

So when I came across the gents from ICE Motors, I felt an affinity and a sense of kindred belonging. That's the effect of these things.

The crew from Ice Motors come from a space where merely acquiring and E30 wasn't enough. They focused their goal on nourishing this desire to a point where they are accomplished engine builders in their own right.

"The first Gushesh' I owned wasn't much to write home about." say Boss Ice. An easy going, laid back kind of guy, whose quiet confidence is evident in his demeanor. "I brought it home and began working on it. Over time it went from a shell to a fully functional and reliable car.".
"From there the neighbors would come round with their own BMWs and ask me to work on them. Before long I had a business repairing and maintaining all manner of BMW. But the E30 is my thing. That I can't deny.", he says.

It was during this time that Ci Ci Boy came onto the scene wanting Boss Ice to build him a spin machine. They had a history from their days in the rag trade and their mutual love of E30s proved to be another bond that would strengthen their friendship.

According to Ci Ci, "The first spin car we built was a two litre, and very quickly we realised it wasn't enough. In no time at all we were hungry for more power. The addiction was never ending. Stroking our motors became a regular thing for us. To the point where we have the two cars you see here today."

The two cars in question are the current iterations in their development as car builders; aptly named 21 Gun Salute and The Panty Dropper. These cars both run 2.9 litre M20 stroker motors; fettled and wrenched to the point of being the toast of the spin scene in Zimbabwe.

According to Ci Ci, "Our cars", he pauses to ponder his next words with the hint of a smile, "I don't wanna lie... They are sexy... They not only look good but perform as good as they look.".

How well do they perform? Well enough for Ice Motors to be crowned 2016 spin champions.

Ci Ci says, "Our next assignment is to build a 3.1 litre M20 beast which we will call 'The Pit Bull'. It's going to be a crazy machine. It will also be the limit to what we are able to do with the M20 platform.".

Their belief in the strength and reliability of their builds is only surpassed by their great faith in God. Indeed, they say that without their faith they would not have been able to come as far as they have.
"We believe in prayer and fasting. The power The Almighty gives us is the power we build into our cars.".

More power to you gents.

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