The 234 mph motorcycle crash

Zef Eisenberg was riding his jet-powered motorcycle at the time

36w ago


Zef Eisenberg loves to go fast. A couple of years ago at Elvington he was doing just that on board his 250mph jet-powered motorcycle.

Speaking to road and track magazine he recounts the moment he got carried away and missed his braking marker at 234mph

"All I remember was the grass at the end of the runway coming up, and me going, 'oh shit,' and thinking, what can I do? Do I slam the brakes on, and slide along the concrete at 400 feet a second, ripping all my skin, bones, everything off? Or do I hit the end of the runway and basically pray to the powers that be?"

Eisenberg broke his pelvis in two places; he cracked his pubic bone; he snapped a hip and femur, sheared an ankle bone in half, ripped the rotator cuff off one shoulder, and broke several bones in both hands. The sudden stop also exerted 25G of force on his body, causing temporary blindness for a few weeks.

Zef decided to keep going and a year later returned to Elvington airfield in Yorkshire to smash through the 200mph barrier once again


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  • A big leap for mankind..........thanks Zef 🤣🤣🤣

      8 months ago
  • Wot, no ABS?

      8 months ago
  • C'mon, guys. A turbine is not a jet.

      8 months ago