The 280Hp/620Kg Peugeot 205 that used parts of Schumacher´s F1 car...

When one of the most Iconic Hatchbacks of all time gets developed by Two Engineers of one of the most Iconic F1 drivers ever...

This Peugeot 205 started out from a new RHD shell in 1988 and was built as a hill climb car from the get go by ACE engineering in Devon. It´s a Right hand drive Peugeot 205 built originally in 1988 for local Shelsley Walsh veteran Reg Phillips by ACE Engineering. But things got quite serious when some years later it was sold to two F1 engineers, Richard Marshall and Willem Toet who would go on to develop and race the little French Hot Hatch into one of the most revered Hillclimb Monsters in Great Britain.

With both being heavily involved with F1 and head of departments at Benetton F1 at the time, it wasn't long before big changes were made to the 205. The car became a sort of mobile test bed for Benetton F1 and they fitted all sorts of logging equipment all over the car, many that still remain to this day. It was one of the first Hill Climb cars to run traction control in 1992 and used it to dominate in wet conditions often qualifying for the then named Top 10 run off among way more powerful machinery, including single seaters and other purpose built Monsters

Becoming one of the most successful Hillclimb Cars in 90´s British Hillclimb scene, it held many class record which only were broke as recently as a couple years ago.

Enter then the Balster family with father Jeff Balster and son/driver Darren Balster tracking the car down in 2014 and purchasing it from Richard Marshall. The car had not competed for four years and had been kept in storage. After that the car under went a fully wrap and decal set to brighten the faded paint while updating its transmission with new gear linkage chained to a Satch shift from Satchel engineering. Engine has been completely rebuilt by Dialynx Performance and is now more powerful then ever with 280Hp/8.500Rpm, with all this power having to move a only 622kg making this 205 still a top contender in Modern times.

And on last year´s edition of Retro Rides Gathering it was possible to watch how fantastically fast and noisy this Hot Hatch is and how it will be able to terrorise the opposition when Official Hillclimb Races come its way.

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