The 3 Best And 3 Worst Current Trends In Customization

Some cars make you drool... While others make you so angry that you want to gouge your eyes out!!!

13w ago

We live in an interesting time for car culture, many people want to take it away from us but there are still loads of custom cars being built every year to the enjoyment or disgust of everyone. So here are the best and worst current trends in customization.

3. Worst- Trucks with way to much lift and way to big of wheels.

Now to start things off we go to what is mainly an American thing, check that ONLY an American thing. Putting 15 inch lift kits, 26 inch wheels and tires with no sidewall is not only unpractical it is ugly. It's the truck equivalent of a fart can! You can't go offroad because you will bend a wheel or flip over, you can tow or haul anything because it rides to high and you have to be an Olympian high jumper to get in the thing. This is not cool in any way possible! So STOP building the compensation-mobiles!!!

3. Best- Offroad Anything!

One of my favorite current trends is taking cars that were never designed to go offroad and building them to blast through the desert. Partially inspired by Group B rallying and some of the Baja muscle cars of the 1960's such as Hot Rod Magazines famous "Rippin' Rooster" 1957 Chevy, the offroad anything craze has resulted in some truly amazing cars! Everything from 1969 Chargers to even Toyota Prius's they're is no limit in this area.

2. Worst- Terrible wraps

The next category for worst trends is wraps, the lazy way to change the color of your car. Wraps are never clean, usually done an a terrible color like gold or chrome. It just looks childish and terrible, if you want to stand out go and get a quality paint job!

2. Best- Turning classics into futuristic race cars

Possibly the coolest custom car I have seen in the past decade was this Formula 1 inspired '32 Ford. It looked menacing and futuristic, it had the engine out of an S2000 meaning a 9,000rpm redline. It was absolutely bonkers, and even was featured in a Need For Speed game, but this isn't the only creation as I have seen many like this. There was that Volvo P1800 with a touring car drivetrain, I have seen countless classic muscle cars turned into wide body time attack style cars. They all look fantastic!!!

1. Worst- EV swap

I know that some of you like this and that is your opinion, but in my opinion along with the majority of others agree that an EV swap completely destroys the car. The best thing about old cars is their character and well all of that character is in the engine, take that away and you have nothing. Engine swaps are great as they maintain the soul, but with more power and reliability, but EV swaps don't it just takes away the character of the car. So please, if you want an EV buy yourself a Tesla or something and leave the classics to us.

1. Best- Subtly modified classics

These builds improve on the cars weak points while maintaining the analog feel of the car. Singer and Eagle of course are the most well known in this category and their creations are absolutely stunning. Maintaining the original body lines with some subtle touches here and there, while upgrading the engine and suspension in order to make it faster and more comfortable. These builds will never get old, and I'm sure everyone can agree that these cars are the best customs available right now!

Anyways that is my list, I hope you enjoyed!

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Comments (123)

  • I remember back in the day when I converted my high school's automotive teacher's 1994 Honda Civic hatchback to have a four-wheel drivetrain. Me and him also fitted huge off road tires, added skid plates in the front and rerouted the exhaust system through the hood. It looked ridiculous but it was great fun. I'd do it again if given the chance but probably to a different car.

      2 months ago
  • The EV conversion NEEDS to be at #1 worst car modification. Especially in classics. In my opinion, older cars have so much more soul, and mostly because of the engine.

      2 months ago
  • The EV swap is keeping classics on the road with a modern twist

      2 months ago
    • Like I said it's opinionative, but I believe that it sucks the soul and fun out of a car

        2 months ago
    • i agree,i amall for modern EVs but no classic car EV swaps

        2 months ago
  • I can’t stress enough how much I hate “bro trucks”… They are no different from stance cars in my opinion. You’re throwing a vehicle’s usability in the garbage and the end result is hideous…

      2 months ago
  • I agree with all of that, although I think that EV classics can work on certain cars but I agree most should be left alone

      2 months ago
    • Fair, like I said it's opinionative but I respect that

        2 months ago
    • I do understand why don't like it but I think something like an EV Delorean or certain Citroens would really work (obviously old EVs being updated is fine)

        2 months ago