The 3-minute Holden concept QUIZ

1y ago

Name the celebration -

  • 40 years since the HK Monaro
  • 60 years since the Holden 48-215
  • Kevin Rudd's second year in office

What's this 1970 concept?

  • Holden GTR-X Torana
  • Holden Hurricane II
  • Not a Holden!

The award-winning EFIJY concept was based on what classic Holden?

  • 1948 FX
  • 1953 FJ
  • 1956 FE

What's this golden and wooden 2000s interior from?

  • Holden Caprice Crown Concept
  • Holden Commodore Mambo Edition
  • Holden Sandman Concept

Yeah, it's pink. What's the name?

  • TT36 Torana
  • VE Commodore Hatch
  • V6 Monaro Concept

What made this Commodore concept a bit special?

  • It was a Commodore hybrid
  • The paint was matched off an olive
  • The engine was designed to run perfectly on Ethanol 85.

What feature did the 1969 Holden Hurricane NOT pioneer?

  • Keyless start
  • Rear-view camera
  • Onboard nav

Last question. What's the name of this VX-based ute concept?

  • Holden Landaute
  • TribUte
  • Utester

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