The 3 Worst Cars I've Driven in Forza Motorsport 7 Thus far.

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Full Disclosure: I've only had FM7 since Christmas (Merry Belated Christmas everyone). So I haven't gotten fully used to the game yet. How have I driven 3 poor cars then? Simple. Community Cycled Production in the Multiplayer menu.

Some of my best (and worst) races to date; which isn't many, have been in Community Cycled Production. This is also how I've been introduced to a handful of the cars in the game. Stuff like the '17 Ford GT, the Mercedes 190E 2.5-16 Evo II (which is utterly fantastic), the Ferrari 360 CS, and the truly frightening Peugeot Talbot Sport 905 EVO 1C. We're not here to talk about my great and mixed experiences though (with the cars and the races). We're here to talk about the least pleasant cars I've driven in this game at the moment. To start off, let's talk about...


I was really expecting to like this car. Not by a lot, but I thought it was going to be good handling, have strong brakes, and be pretty quick in the straights. Honestly, only one of those is true, and it's the bit about it being fast in a straight.

It's not that the M4 GTS has TERRIBLE handling. The problem comes with how the front of the car has exceptional turn-in and how the rear-end just can't live with the grip the front of the car has. Despite this car being one of those "track specials", it has a startling tendency to oversteer. FM7 seems to be very sensitive to off-throttle oversteer (coasting through turns makes this painfully obvious) but the M4 is just oversteer-prone no matter your position on the throttle. Especially if you get on the throttle a little bit too much through a slow turn, the car will spin the rear wheels with a surprising amount of vigor. You could attribute this to me needing to roll onto the throttle with a bit more care, which might be true, but that still doesn't absolve this car of its oversteer-prone sin.

Normally, I have a technique to deal with cars that just can't put the power down in a slow turn. I go 1 or 2 gears higher than normal. For example, say I take a 30-MPH turn in second gear. To power out without spinning the wheels I wouldn't downshift to second. I'd only down to third. That way I can use the torque to carry me forward upon corner-exit, without burning rubber as if I was using the throttle as an on-off button. You can't do this in the M4. It doesn't have the torque to power out with any kind of conviction when using this method. You have to stay within the power-band, and that means no "gearing up" for the M4.

That's not my biggest gripe with the Bavarian Track car, however. My biggest gripe is with the brakes.

I'm going to be concise. The brakes have great initial bite but straight after that the brakes just continually fade the longer you brake. That's not good, especially on a track with big braking zones (say, the Nurburgring GP circuit). They are some of the worst brakes I've had the displeasure of using thus far. You hit the brake and it's like:


*Not stopping.*

*Really not stopping.


It's the worst part of the car, without question. Enough about the M4 though, let's get onto the second car.

The Ariel Atom V8.

I was shocked to dislike this car as much as I did. This was a incredibly lightweight track car with two motorbike engines strapped together, what's not to like? Well, the twitchiness.

This thing is twitchier than Deadpool... well he's Deadpool, he's always doing something. Nevertheless, the Ariel can be good fun to drive when it's NOT twitching about like a stubborn house fly that just won't die. Don't get me wrong, the turn-in is instant, the brakes are phenomenal and it's really, really fast in a straight. Again, this car can be fun. It's just difficult to keep it in the "fun" column because it keeps twitching and sliding out of it. Add to this the speeds the Atom V8 can go and the short wheelbase and you have a recipe for annoyance. In the immortal words of Gordon Ramsay, "WHERE'S THE NO-TWITCH SAUCE!?"

And finally... The Alfa Romeo 8C.

Aaaah... the Alfa 8C. For as beautiful as you are, you completely suck to drive. Seriously, this thing is easily the worst handling and worst braking out of the two cars mentioned previously. It doesn't have the turn-in of the M4 GTS (no need to mention the Ariel), and it's brakes aren't as strong. Thankfully, it's faster in a straight. It also has enough torque to make my "gear up" philosophy work. This is necessary, because it has so much torque it easily spins the tires in slow (and some fast) turns. Logically, it's THE worst out of the three.

Yet, I can't help but say this, I think it isn't the worst out of the three. Quite the contrary, I think it might just be the best out of the three ("the best of the worst" if you will). Why? Because, the one thing I didn't mention about the Alfa was that it's consistent. Despite how bad it is, it's consistently bad. Which makes it manageable. That's not something I can say about the Ariel or the BMW (especially not the BMW). The Alfa is awful, no doubt, but it's a manageable kind of awful. The easiest car to drive for me was the Alfa, because I could predict and control all of it's drawbacks. The Ariel? Much harder to do. The BMW? Nope. If I had more time, I might be able to find some kind of rhythm with the M4 GTS. For now though? I'm crowning that as the worst car I've driven in FM7 thus far.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed. Feel free to comment down below, see you soon.

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